Toqqn - социальная платформа на основе блокчейна, работающая от людей

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What is Toqqn: Toqqn platform is a small step towards a large mission oriented towards user privacy and social experience without advertising. In addition, users are rewarded with cryptocurrency every day, through a new ecosystem based on activities.

What is unique in Toqqn is that it is not going to store any user data, it
does not track you and does not accompany you everywhere with advertising.

Why Toqqn: When every major social platform abuses user data for evil, the relevance of the platform that does not store user data increases every day.

At the same time, developers want to reach the masses with the help of cryptocurrencies, because the project team feels that this is the payment system of the future. Thus, instead of using users who contribute to our social platform, we reward them with crypto. This gives anyone, anywhere, the opportunity to participate in a crypto-economy without any financial barrier to entry.
Toqqn platform development: Toqqn is in development, using the best of both conventional and web 3.0 technologies. Conventional systems are used to Toqqn convenient platform. At the same time, the blockchain technology will be adopted to decentralize user data. We want to create a social network where no users data will be stored on our platform or servers.
This is done to prevent any misuse or use of the personal data of people.
Terms: fundraising for the development of the project begins with a private sale for November 2018. Platform development is already well underway. We aim to launch the first version of the platform by the beginning of next year and a fully functional beta by mid-2019. Toqqn also adds a market for buying and selling digital services in the third phase of the project. This adds tremendous value to the native cryptocurrency TQN as a utility (which will be the main method of payment.)

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