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Westing's Team Plan

To ensure that the platform is fully built with a strong team and make sure that the team
committed to the project, we have an allotment plan to ensure smooth operation
development and team commitment. Only 25% of the allocated amount
for the team will be sent on an annual basis to the main team members. This is to ensure
stability and assures investors of our commitment to the project.
Initial release: 25%
After the 1st year: 25%
After the 2nd year: 25%
After the third year: 25%

Use of funds

60% of funds raised will be used entirely for the development of the platform.
10% of the funds will be kept as a reserve for emergencies this may come.
20% of funds raised will be used for branding and other marketing activities.
10% of funds raised will be used for legal ones.

Toqqn command

Our team has many years of experience in building and marketing web applications and SaaS projects. This experience and problem solving skills bring strength and credibility to the project.
Team members also have a lot of experience with blockchain development. This team was chosen by our CEO, Mervik Haums, to ensure that the Toqqn platform is comfortable, stable and secure.


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