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Decentralization - the biggest challenge facing the Toqqn team is how to completely decentralize our platform. Our ultimate goal is to remove any user data stored on our servers, thus completely decentralizing the platform and ensuring that our users' data has never been sold or hacked for profit.

The first problem is that modern technologies are not able to create a fully decentralized platform. Thus, we will combine the best of conventional and blockchain technology to provide a secure platform that does not store user data on our servers.

As the technology allows, we fully integrate the platform with the blockchain to decentralize all user data. Our plan is to launch DAPP as soon as the platform becomes stable.

Community Content Quality: To grow any community, content must be excellent. Thus, the challenge is to create a platform to attract a user base that produces great content that other users will appreciate and use.

The ability to earn rewards in cryptography is a powerful incentive for users to stay involved and contribute high-quality content. This ensures that useful, thought-provoking content has contributed to the platform, and at the same time attracts a wide user base. More users and content will also lead to an increase in the amount of spam that is being added to the platform; we intend to overcome this with the “users are moderators” feature.

Withdrawing funds: due to the costs associated with the transaction, participants will be allowed to initially withdraw tokens that they acquired once a week. As technology gets better we intend to make daily payouts possible.

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