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Stages of the project:

Phase I: The first version of the platform is created using conventional web development technology. Users will be able to participate in the social platform and earn crypto as a reward. The team will work on the toqqn list for the maximum number of exchanges. This will allow platform users to exchange their tokens for other tokens or Fiat.

Phase II: Begin development for decentralizing user data. Also an additional platform added features such as personal communication. All user data will be stored in Blockchain, so that only users will have access to their personal data.

Phase III: decentralization of user interaction and the development of the digital service Marketplace uses toqn as a method of payment.


After Toqqn has reached a stable version, the team’s next goal will be to create a trading platform. Companies looking for digital services can purchase toqqn crypto to pay for these services. The marketplace will allow these businesses to get the necessary services without the difficulty of working with
financial institutions and cross-border currency conversions. Marketplace will create a real world goal for cryptocurrency.
Adding a trading platform provides toqqn true utility as a mode of payment services.
The development team will continue to focus on moving the platform to a more decentralized infrastructure. We will also work on developing iOS and Android applications to increase the availability of the platform on mobile devices.

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