exhcnage will use ALL of its revenue to benefit cryptocurrency traders

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Cryptocurrency exchanges experience rapid growth, especially in a bull market. Binance received massive volume, as well as other exchanges, such as KuCoin, Bibox, and others during the bull market last year. $BNB, $KCS, and $BIB became highly valued cryptocurrencies due to increase in usage.

KuCoin started sharing the profits of the KuCoin exchange with $KCS holders. They slowly decreased how much they share. Now, they use 50% of the fees generated by the exchange to buy back $KCS and redistribute it to $KCS holders. In other words, the $KCS cryptocurrency has less than a 50% usability or even worse if we factor in other influences.

What if there was a cryptocurrency exchange that offered a token with 100% usability?

Meet is a new cryptocurrency exchange that is planned to be fully released during May through July of 2019. Instead of a percentage of the exchange's profit being given to TPX holders, 100% of the profits will be used. That's right. A 100% usability token designed for maximum value.

TPX holders will receive profits from the exchange's revenue. In fact, 75% of the revenue generated from the exchange will be distributed to TPX daily. While the other 25% of the funds will be used to cover trader's losses using the exchange. Finally, traders can create a paid subscription to their portfolios by accepting TPX.

8 Exciting Features

  1. Smart orders - There are other orders that may be placed, such as, Limit Orders, Market Orders, Stop Orders, Trailing Stop and Hidden Orders. However, will have "Smart Orders" that will allow for the minimization of losses as much as possible.
  2. Margin Trading - Bitfinex, a popular trading platform known for margin trading, only allow traders that deposit $10k USD before they can begin trading. Margin trading will be accessible for all traders on with a times 3 leverage. That means that traders can gain up to 3 times or lose as much as 3 times with margin trading. The unique part of this feature is the promising compensation funds provided by the exchange's revenue.
    3.Customizable - All elements can be changed on the exchange to fit each trader's taste. This makes trading easier and convenient for the day trader that will constantly use the exchange, as well as the hodler.
  3. Trade the best pair(s) - Most exchanges have multiple trading pairs for different cryptocurrencies. However, they're usually on multiple pages and require many tabs or clicks in order to track each price. will allow for all the possible trading pairs to be listed on the same page in order for traders to get the best prices.
  4. Built-in Crypto-Portfolio - Most exchanges do not have a built-in way of tracking your portfolio. Most traders resort to exporting or manually entering their portfolios into a 3rd party app. This is not a fun process, but a very much needed one. Transactions, as well as the profits, will be able to be tracked through the exchange. Traders can also easily share their portfolio to other traders, as well as charge a subscription to view their portfolio using TPX.
    6.Tradingview Charts - Tradingview, a popular site allows for all the TA tools needed, will be built into the exchange as well. Many exchanges already have this feature, while many do not. This is an essential feature for any trader wishing to do a technical analysis.
  5. Trust Management Tool - This feature will allow users to completely or partially give up their rights for trading, and give it to a more experienced trader. The more experienced trader can earn TPX for making professional trades with the original trader's portfolio.
  6. A Prediction System - There are many different methods of predicting the market.'s exchange will have a system that finds trading signals, compare different time periods, and find similar figures for technical analysis. This feature will be available to all TPX holders. will focus on reducing the risks and barriers when entering the crypto market. Along with a 100% usability token, the exchange is ready to succeed. It will become a well-known exchange due to its functionality, rather than a weak infrastuctre that will collapse after the hype has ended.

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