Freakonomics – Book Review

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Written by the enormously popular Steven D. Levit and Stephen I. Dubner, it’s a monumental book about economics. The two set to a difficult journey of ‘peering’ the hidden side of everything and give us a picture of ‘unseen world’. It shows the reason behind the reduced crime rates in New York city, particularly after the 90s, it also tells the behind-the-scene info about fabled ‘Sumo Wrestlers.’ Using the precise data of economics, the two uncanny thinkers’ raises questions and gives some indigestible explanations. In that way, slowly peeling the layers after layer, they reveal the ‘unseen part of the picture’ to the readers.

Known for its ‘absence of unifying theme’, the book created ripples and sold millions of copies across the globe. Still, the writers pick different themes like drug smugglers to the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacy violent outfit. Irrespective of their chosen topics, they present the ‘hidden’ part of the truth to the learners. In this way, by presenting the different perspective, the two writers simply blow away the conventional wisdom and long-held (also wrongly held) notions. Writing economics to the common man is not an easy task. Even some of the finest economists produce rather dull literatures. But these two ‘frekonomists’ surpass that test admirably and created a fun-filled page turner that delights the audience of all classes, from beginning to end. Expertly analyzed, thoughtfully crafted, persuasively argued and flawlessly presented, Freknonomics will occupy a prominent place in our hearts and our bookshelves.


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