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Like this short post !


anything for you


Thank you so much for Upvote !

That is so ture. Learning of a process without an understanding of why it works.

Hi. Just wanted to thank you for voting my intro article last week. It's been about a week now on the site and I am starting to have some enlightenement about it. Look forward to any advice you can share, as well.

Ahaha! All my first posts looked absolutely the same! :D

Just wanted to thank you for upvoting my post man!!! Thanks :P

Are you a minimalist?

Thanks for sharing ;)

how short sweet and true :D :D.

Thank for your support :)

hahahhaha I Got it because I have read this in a book. Means having no concern with the actual thing but just imitating something. Zero knowledge but doing mimicry is what means .. @bue #thanks

You dont like to write a lot ??? :)

is any body in this house???? hellloooooo