EXTONS Cryptocurrnecy Exchange, An Haven Of DeFi Products and Services.

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EXTONS is a cryptocurrency exchange and investment platform offering DeFi products to the global users. Lots of big things is happening in Crypto space and the team of EXTONS has been working relentlessly to make sure EXTONS fully featured all latest goodies in Crypto Sphere. Amongst the booming industry in Crypto Space now is DeFi . DeFi offers a flexible investment opportunities for users. DeFi enable varieties of financial products to be offered in decentralized manner . The decentralized nature of DeFI ecosystem allows any class of users to participate . Be it small scale , medium , large scale and institutional investors. The stringent requisite in Centralized financial system is a limiting factor that could not allow anyone to participate in investment or any other financial services. DeFi concepts removes all these barriers and allowing any class of users to participate in the ecosystem . DeFi incorporate blockchain DApps and a well written smart contract to conduct seamless financial services and operate autonomously without involvement of any human management . In this publication, i will be discussing generally about EXTONS ecosystem and its DeFi ecosystem .

EXTONS ECOSYSTEM : EXTONS is a robust blockchain ecosystem consisting of varieties of blockchain products and services . Amongst the services delivered by EXTONS includes :


EXTONS offers the world best cryptocurrency exchange with improved technology that ensure high security .The team of EXTONS are personnel with decade experience in Crypto trading , blockchain development and software development .EXTONS have team of professionals in different field of life all over the world. The Exchange will ease the burden of crypto traders by offering Crypto/Fiat trading platform . Fiat integration will allow traders to buy Crypto easily with Fiat and Selling their Crypto as well for Fiat using a single platform .
EXTONS will be offering the best trading service for the global traders . EXTONS has partnered with some financial institution and some top cryptocurrency exchange for liquidity provision. EXTONS have the best team of developers and security experts. The platform will offer the best user friendly cryptocurrency exchanges designed for inexperienced , intermediate and professional traders. EXTONS sees security of users funds as top priority and all measures to secure users funds have been put in place. EXTONS will use Cold wallet storage system in storing 85% of the platform assets.


Its not everyone who is versed with trading skill. There are some players in crypto space who only put their money on investment as a result of lacking trading skills and fear of loss . EXTONS has created a very good opportunity for the class of people who fall in this category . The team has launched TONS Savings Program that is currently ongoing in the platform . Investors can acquire some TONS tokens and investment them on TONS platform . This investment scheme gives priviledge of earning passive incomes. Details about this can be found on EXTONS.io platform .


EXTONS has designed an all in one Payment Gateway to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions for local and cross boarder financial transactions. All necessary infrastructure to support this moves will be provided as the platform develops. Users all over the world will be able to implements EXTONS payment gateway for conducting seamless payment services both locally and overseas.


EXTONS is not staying behind the scene in Crypto space . EXTONS is leveraging the benefits of DeFi to offer the best DeFi products for its customers . Users of EXTONS will be able to access and taking advantage of the current BOOM in Crypto DeFi space .

EXTONS DeFi ecosystem comprises of the DeFi products offered by EXTONS







Users of EXTONS will be able to benefit from the DeFi products and services offered by EXTONS platform . EXTONS is going to be a very huge Ecosystem for DeFi and users will enjoy verities of Decentralized Financial services highlighted above .


EXTONS team has determined to take the project to the next level and putting smile in the faces of investors and traders. TONS SAVINS program is ongoing . This is high time to take advantage of early bird. This is completely a new revolution in Crypto ecosystem . Don't miss the train . Be part of the success Train!.

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Website : http://www.extons.io/register?r=851287
Whitepaper : https://www.extons.io/whitepaper
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