Tone has it right again

in tone •  3 months ago

So I am just watching Tone Vays video and it seems like he has called a move correctly again.


He predicts that the S&P basically topped out today and will be trading down in the short term, though he is somewhat bullish in the longer term.

He also put out a tweet recently about this move.

We can love or hate him for his bashing of crypto and steem in particlar, but much of his trading advice has been spot on!

Here is the link for his video:

Here is the link to his tweet:

Good luck!


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Wow, do oy make trades?


Yes I do

Dude said Bitcoin $1300... 🤷🏼‍♂️

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we may still see that


I say the same thing. It certainly seems a very solid technical target.

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Very interesting. I kind of agree with it. Market has been very complaisant lately.

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