Victorian Police Sexually Harassed by Immigrants

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Half of Victorian women Police Custody Officers (PSO’s) have complained about being sexually harassed at work.

Acting assistant commissioner for Victoria Police, Lisa Hardeman, blames ‘hyper-masculine’ culture for the shocking statistic of sexual harassment on Melbourne's transit police.

VIDEO ABOVE: In a cringe-worthy interview, Lisa Hardeman told 3AW’s Neil Mitchel,

it’s because of the masculine environment that is created when you don’t have numbers of females in work units”.

The highest proportion of sexual harassment in Victoria Police is within PSO’s — female PSO’s being sexually harassed by male PSO’s.

PSO’s are unique for two reasons: they have the highest proportion of males in Victoria Police, and they are ‘more representative of Victoria’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities than police’.

Translation: PSO’s are mostly immigrants, and 9/10 are men. Out of the 1/10 that are female, 50% say they have been sexually harassed by members of ‘Victoria’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities’.

So how have Victoria Police managed to turn this into a generalised attack on men? When you look at where the problem is at its worst, it’s clear that they’re actually covering up for predatory ethnics! Instead, they want us to believe ‘hyper-masculine’ culture is the problem.

Nah. It’s the 3rd world culture from international slums that you idiots have imported and placed on our trains and platforms.

But it’s certainly not the first or last time men will be blamed for such primitive behaviours.

She was murdered by her family in an ”honour killing” for presenting herself with her soon-to-be husband before their wedding.

Nothing to do with “toxic masculinity”.

Everything to do with a primitive 7th-century belief system.

But don’t let facts ruin your tweet.

— Avi Yemini 🇦🇺🇮🇱 (@OzraeliAvi) September 2, 2019

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