Tommy Robinson's case, JUDGE states his case is "too complicated"

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On the 23rd October 2018, Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC said that this case was too complicated, as he had read the evidence put forward by Tommy. He referred it to the attorney general to decide.

The evidence showed that multiple journalists had breached the same reporting restrictions that weekend. Not one of those journalists has faced trial.

The attorney general has waited five months and just before Brexit is delayed and betrayed he has decided that locking Tommy up is in the best interest of our country.

Surely locking up paedophiles that are free to terrorise and rape our children on the streets, would be in the best interest of our country?



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If it's too complicated, just throw it out as the vexatious rubbish its clearly been from the start.

I'm surprised at all the feet dragging in this matter. Apart from the fact that the case is pure bullshit in the first place - offensive to any healthy natural sense of fairness - don't you folks have the right to a speedy trial on the books?

Of all the European (or rather EU) Mickey-Mouse-states, the U.K. would have been the last one I would've pegged for fascist tendencies. Unbelievable.