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I think article, I will be writing about TOKOIN as a platform that provides a lot of benefits to every business to business stakeholders mainly for them to reach their goals, just as we know that the main target of every business is to make profit while they as well satisfy their customers.

TOKOIN is being powered by blockchain, as it is vividly known that blockchain is respected for its transparency, security, and scalability. TOKOIN is a platform that is so reliable, dependable and secured in its services to the business owners and their respective customers. In this same article, I will be unveiling a lot of benefits to every individual who is interested in contributing to the development of TOKOIN. The main purpose of this article is to provide information to everyone during this article and as well provide some useful links to everyone at the end of this article. The provided links will enable you to explore some details about TOKOIN via their website, telegram, twitter, whitepaper and other important social platforms. The provided links will also allow you to analyze the company based on your intention to invest in the token, invite your friend and be rewarded for each of the simple tasks accomplished.


TOKOIN is being powered by blockchain technology by reciprocating data using sharing evidence of devotion compensation model and link retailers one on one with the manufacturers of all possible sizes and hence empowering the retailers with the ability to purchase.

Just as briefly said above, blockchain is actually applied to give transparency through correct shipping information, fme, proximity to market data, traceability, and tracking and more germane is an approach to make sure purchase dedication and permit general involvement. TOKOIN indeed aims to lessen the quantity of sharing in the supply chain and correcting the incumbent range between the manufacturers and resellers to ensure that trust is built by individual partakers in delivering unique and better value to everyone. In TOKOIN, trading and distribution are fairly carried out with equity, transparency and giving empowerment to all the participants.



TOKOIN platform is a blockchain-dependent platform that is dedicated to the formation of a reputable profile and trustworthy for MSMEs which will be brought to reality by gathering the business data that are not related to finances into a digital recognition.

With TOKOIN, the financial challenges for support in starting Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) will be extenuated by growing the business fame, utilizing the data saved in the blockchain network that has already been proved, these invaluable data can be applied by various businesses as a leverage to cater for the lending requirements, this will enable an easy opportunity to have access to financial services required for business to grow.


To get identified on TOKOIN I required a few simple steps which are highlighted below.

  1. Create a business account on TOKOIN platform using TOKOIN App by MSMEs.
  2. Know Your Customer (KYC) is done by the TOKOIN expert team members to verify the identity of the MSMEs just as required in number one above.
  3. Once the KYC has been successful, the MSMEs will be credited with TOKOIN tokens.
  4. The identity can then easily be used for the business transactions by the MSMEs on every market that has affiliation with TOKOIN.
  5. The MSMEs, can maintain the digital ledger and as well create transaction documents and do business with his digital business identity.
    You can see that the steps are so simple.



Definitely, everyone benefits from TOKOIN in one way or the other, just as we will be seeing the benefits that are available for the brand and service providers.

  1. Access to users’ profile
  2. Visualization of the pragmatic business transaction,
  3. The sight of how famous the business is.
  4. Sight of the business connect.


TOKO utility token will be used as the indigenous token on TOKOIN platform and it shall be used as an interaction between the fans.
The initial token which is ERC-20 will be changed in case the team decides to navigate to a different main-net.
Token Name: TOKO
ICO Token Type: ERC-20
Total Token Supply: 2,000,000,000 TOKO


ICO Contributors — 35%
Industry Fund — 40%
Treasury — 10%
Team & Early Contributors — 10%
Advisors — 5%
Uses of Funds
Product Development — 50%
Marketing & BD — 35%
Operations — 10%
Reserve — 5%



Reiner Rahardja: Co-Founder & CEO
Indonesia’s Top 2 successful young entrepreneurs under 40
Accelerating Indonesia’s economy in various MSME development using his non-profit organization, The Accelerator
Has diversified portfolio in some of Indonesia’s major industries
His holding group consist of multi industries portfolio, eg: Andesite Mining, General Trading, Fishery and Maritime, Corporate merchandising, Retail Product, Agribusiness

Welly Salim: CTO
Experienced Tech Leader with 15+ years of experience
Ex VP of Engineering and Operation of, acquired by Customink
Ex Iteration Manager of MYOB
Ex Tech lead of, helping to get them public listed in ASX
Founder of the early social network in SE Asia (,,, acquired by NX, listed in MYX
University of Strathclyde (MBA in Strategic Management)

Eddy Christian Ng: COO
Co-Founder of
10+ years experience in Business development and Banking

Niko Tanadi: Project Manager
10 years of experience in Technology Consulting
An expert in Blockchain investment

Adi Darda Gaudiamo: Head of Creative
23 years of experience in content and creative field
Former Head of Creative in

Ignasius Michael: Generalist Manager
3 years of experience in Stock and Futures Market
Former Finance Specialist in

Oktafia Putri: Community Manager
4 years of experience in international relations & event management system fields
Former Operations Manager at PouchNATION Indonesia

Mutia Anisa: Graphic Designer
2 years of experience in graphic designing
Former Design & Branding Executive at

Syifa Mutiara Putri: Event Coordinator
3 years of experience in live event industries
Former Business Executive at ST22 Consulting


Tiago Alves: Advisor
VP Asia Pacific at Aptoide
12 Years at Portugal Telecom

Dahlan Iskan: Advisor
One of Indonesia’s top 100 Forbes’ list entrepreneurs
Indonesia’ media mogul, founder and former CEO of Jawa Pos Group
Former Minister of the country’s state-owned Enterprises (BUMN)

Engeline Tjia: Advisor
25+ years of experience in strategic marketing & commercial
Ex-CEO K24
Ex-Marketing Director LotteMart Indonesia
Ex-Marketing Director Carrefour Indonesia


TOKOIN is the answer to B2B we have been expecting for ages. I have provided the links I promised to provide just at the beginning of the short article, in which I promised that the links will indeed help you to know more about TOKOIN. TOKOIN once again is reliable, secure, transparent and free from scammers. TOKOIN platform is so convenient for use by MSMEs and every other users. Every participant on TOKOIN platform is fairly rewarded, if you also hold TOKKOIN tokens, study the cryptocurrency market and decide to sell your tokens, you will still make your optimal gain.

Be Part of This Revolution of Tokoin and you will be glad that you did!

For more information about the Tokoin project and participation, kindly get connected with these links:










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