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Since blockchain inception, the world has witnessed a new level of technological advances which spreads to different platforms, systems or sectors of the world in this way giving developers the power to create platforms which will bank on the blockchain while disrupting systems deemed fit.
It is true there have been many platforms in this crypto space but a study has shown that only a certain few are living up to expectations with a greater number going down the drain on a daily basis. Furthermore, a study has it that these platforms losing value or going down the drain is as a result of lack of expertise; that is, the team lacking the necessary knowledge to keep the platform running.

However, with each passing day different platform keeps coming up and one of such is Tokoin.
I know someone might ask, isn't Tokoin going to be one of those platforms with nothing to offer? Well, it will please me to point out that Tokoin was created owing to the issues going on in MSMEs which is affecting the economy of scale within many countries; thus won't be mistaken for saying that Tokoin has a use case.
This is true because a study has it that, owing to lack of appropriate technology the MSMEs ecosystem is yet to create valuable data which will scale their business neither is there any digital assets capable of helping them create a valid reputation.
From these issues, it is clear that the main limitations in MSMEs are lack of the right technology and expertise.



To begin with, Tokoin is built on blockchain and with blockchain being a perfect technology where data is treated accordingly, makes Tokoin the best solution to the limitations in MSMEs ecosystem.

Just like every platform in the world, there must be goals and objectives which the platform will bank on thus growing to the appropriate height, same is with Tokoin. Tokoin is a platform with the goal of creating a system where data will be exchanged in a more trusted and transparent manner within a platform in the MSMEs ecosystem in this way helping them to meet their aims or needs in financing and business services while removing any need for third-parties. With Tokoin taking this step thus leading to more growth of the MSMEs ecosystem, it will, in turn, lead to the growth and sustainability of the economy of the country in question.

Also, in a bid to ensure the sustainability of the MSMEs is achieved, Tokoin took a different step which involves collection and assembling of non-financial data thus creating a trusted and reputable profile for MSMEs which in turn becomes a Digital Business ID. In addition, to ensuring the digital profile of each business in the MSMEs ecosystem is updated regularly while leading to a solid reputation, all daily business data will be collected and transformed into a digital ledger.

In the same way, another reason which makes Tokoin the best bet is that within Tokoin platform, all data or business information is regarded as a valuable asset through which a trusted reputation is built for the MSMEs; with this trusted reputation businesses will be able to access financial services from the required providers as easy as possible.

Furthermore, Tokoin will incorporate many platforms in addition to MSMEs which is of course at the core of Tokoin’s ecosystem, these platforms will include
a. Financial intermediaries: Where Banks and Multifinance are the other of the day.
b. Supplier: Where Brands, Companies and Logistics partners fall in.
c. Service Provider: Which encompasses Consulting, Property agents and Advertisers.


Tokoin is already on the path of success especially with its IEO being a ground success thus making it possible for the team to continue the development of the platform in accordance with their roadmap.

Talking about IEO ground success, TOKO was able to hit an all-time high (ATH) of $0.18. Also, currently, TOKO is trading on Kucoin exchange within the trading price of $0.08 from IEO price of $0.02.
Thus to confirm the fact that Tokoin is on the path of success the 24hrs trading volume is about $288,359; this can be confirmed from Kucoin.

Tokoin is built to enhance the MSMEs which will lead to a sustainable economy and this will be achieved with the aid of blockchain technology. The token of the platform is known as TOKO and it is an ERC 20 token; like earlier stated, Tokoin IEO was a ground success, therefore to buy or trade TOKO visit Kucoin exchange.
Kucoin exchange: http://kucoin.com


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