COINTROOPS is the only decentralized P2P crypto-exchange.

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Hello! Today I'll tell you about the cool P2P technology, which is one of the most famous changes in web 2.0. Peer-to-peer or P2P networks, this is a model of a peer-to-peer computer network that distributes and receives data or files. In this type of network, comparable to the client-server network, each client becomes the server itself. P2P allows multiple computers to communicate with each other over the network. One of the most common ways to use P2P is file sharing. The client to whom the file belongs (for example, a movie or any document) makes it available to other clients via the download platform (it becomes a server). It can also simultaneously download other files shared by other clients (servers). Downloaded fragments of files are immediately transferred to other computers, until the file is completed. This method increases the download speed and reduces the load on the central server.

And now imagine what happens if you introduce this technology into the sphere of crypto currency? For example, to build a peer-to-peer (P2P) or decentralized exchange, which is managed and maintained exclusively by software. The project COINTROOPS is doing just that, let's take a closer look at it.

COINTROOPS is a simple, secure, decentralized exchange for the anonymous purchase and sale of crypto currency. It does not require you to pass verification (KYC). You do not need to wait a few days or hours of response from support, the user can start trading instantly. Since the exchange is decentralized, it is not subject to risks associated with prohibitions on the part of authorities, the user will always have access to it. COINTROOPS never stores on its accounts, user facilities. The exchange uses a secure escrow service to protect user assets. The team has developed a cool and intuitive user interface, even if you are new to the crypto currency market, you can easily navigate the platform.

The principle of the platform is quite simple. When a contract is created between users, the exchange system creates a depositary crypto-multicurrency address. The seller transfers the asset from his wallet to this account, followed by a crypto currency is blocked on this deposit account, in turn, the buyer sends the usual money to the seller. Then the seller confirms receipt of money, thereby, the blocked crypto currency is sent to the buyer on a personal purse. Due to this scheme of work, the risk of fraud or fraud is significantly reduced.

The platform has its own token (CTP). It is necessary to pay for small transaction fees that users will face. In addition, the availability of the CTP token, enables rapid and global development of the platform, judging by the Roadmap of the project, the team has huge plans, and of course, user support is necessary for their implementation. The main task of the team is to solve the problems with inconvenience and restriction for people who want to acquire a crypto currency for ordinary money. In the near future, the team plans to make COINTROOPS the largest P2P exchange, and of course the support of the crypto-currency community and investors will allow them to do it in the shortest possible time.

You can purchase platform tokens for Etherium and Bitcoin. The minimum purchase amount is 0.5 ETH / and 0.05 BTC, respectively. There is also a system of bonuses, for example, from July 1 to August 1, you can get up to 20% of the bonus coins of the project. A total of 350,000,000 CTPs will be sold. The project has an excellent referral program, the more invited users start trading on the exchange, the more you will get the platform bonus. The very crypto currency is very profitable for investment, many people have already received a good profit from investing in it. Similarly, the CTP token will show good growth, in the long term.

Today, the market presents several decentralized cryptographic exchanges, but they are characterized by slow work, limited functionality and a terrible interface. COINTROOPS is exactly what will solve all these problems. I advise everyone to join the project. Thank you for attention!

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Every day this project becoming stronger and stronger... I really love your concept. Great work. I pretty sure this can beat all coins in market, Because Very high development is this project, Good luck!!!

Действительно интересный проект, слежу за его развитием

The article is written correctly, the design-gorgeous!

In the course of really have to sell the apartment and invest the entire amount..

I thank the author for the work, very sensible everything, immediately understood the essence of
the project, perhaps I'll think about investing

I have not heard about the project, I thank for the information, I subscribed to your blog, I hope for reciprocity

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