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People interested in the effectiveness of music in advertising and in its impact on changes in the number of sales long ago. Buyers were interviewed and it turned out that it is more pleasant to come to the store, where plays light, unobtrusive and quiet music, than to those where there is silence. 

The first researches showed that, slow music helps the buyer to stay at the sales stalls in order to study goods, and melodies with a faster rhythm had an effect quite differently: people began to shop more quickly, it prevents queues.

Marketers began to use this fact and now in stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, cafes background music is playing.

The increase in sales was not long in coming.

But the main question is what music to choose? Maybe, turn on the radio and that is all?

But not. On each channel, there is one direction music. The number of compositions is limited, they are repeated; advertising is repeated more often, and as a result, the seller may have a dislike for the workplace, stress and tension. Moreover, radio ad may not correspond to the concept of a store or a restaurant.

For successful music marketing, you need to take into account many factors. You should not include sad tunes and songs, that remind people of parents or love. Popular hits can distract buyers. There is no such a single musical direction to suit everyone. Of course, there are some exceptions for special stores. In the children's section, songs from cartoons may sound, and in the department with biker paraphernalia you hear rock.

So, if you want to create the favorable atmosphere, music should sound quiet, melodious, not be intrusive and not interfere with communication.

In addition, it is proved, that in restaurants, slow musical compositions contribute to the fact that people relax, calm down, and want to stay in an establishment longer. In fast food places, where people have a snack and rush, rhythmic music is more appropriate.

There is still a legal question when making music in institutions - this is the right to use a piece of music.

All these tasks can be solved with the help of the Moozicore application.

It is designed to create background music by owners in fitness clubs, boutiques, bars, shopping centers and everywhere where it is necessary. You can make your own playlists, targeted at visitors, from 20 million licensed works directly from a smartphone. 

Clients can use a mobile application to add songs to the playlist, vote, communicate with other customers, join in social networks.

For secure interaction and calculations, Moozicore (MZI) and Moozicore GOLD (MZG) tokens will be used. They are based on the blockchain technology and on smart contracts.

The possibility to keep and use MZI and MZG tokens in Ethereum wallets provides additional security.

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An interesting concept of this platform. I will follow the further development of the project.

The choice of music is very important in our time, and this project will help us to form our lifestyle.

music is important in life