Review of Bounty Campaign by Hacken Ecosystem

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Hacken Ecosystem launched the bounty campaign to enable anyone to support the company in building a strong community of blockchain followers interested in the improvement of cybersecurity. We reserve 2% of the overall ICO pool to reward your efforts. It means that each follower of Hacken can join the bounty campaign and contribute to our marketing activity in exchange for our token HKN.

To take part in the initiative and get your bounty you should create a personal account on Orderbook. It is important to note that each participant has to use the same email address that was put in the bounty registration form. After the crowdsale is closed, the participants will obtain their bounty tokens directly to their Orderbook accounts. Then, supporters will be able to transfer them to their wallets or favorite exchanges, if HKN tokens are already listed there. Please mind that counting all participants’ stakes takes some time, so minor delays are possible.

The Bounty pool will be distributed between the following campaigns accordingly:

(40%) Blogging Campaign

(10%) Facebook Campaign

(10%) BitcoinTalk Thread Campaign

(15%) BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign

(15%) BitcoinTalk Translation Campaign

(10%) Twitter Campaign

You can read the whole article in our blog on Medium

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I hope this real project will success and good luck for dev and hacken team

good luck with this, participant this bounty project