New ICO Project for White Hat Hackers. Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Research Have Never Been So Easy

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The world of today is developing incredibly fast. The variety of new technologies and processes have advanced in different regions of the world on a regular basis. They’re from different fields and industries and serve unique purposes. However, innovations have one thing in common - all of them need safety of personal information and program code. If this requirement is violated, no company would be able to survive.

Cyber Security Market Advancements
The role of cyber security market has become extremely important under these circumstances. It’s played a role of the most crucial industry and works as infrastructure for all other businesses. In turn, the internal development of the market has never been more expected. Everyone knows the proverb - “New Times Call for New Measures.”
Meet Hacken - the first platform and cryptocurrency of the same name, which is custom-tailored to satisfy the needs of the cyber security market. The main characteristics of it are decentralization, liquidity, and anonymity thanks to the application of the best suited technology for these purposes - blockchain.
Within the offered functions, this technology would assist the company in coping with all the challenges of the industry. It would help achieve the highest level of security for a startup and assist the white hat hackers in their desire to work in an ethical key by providing high compensation and total anonymity for them. The cyber security market would obviously benefit from the application of blockchain technology, especially accounting for the fact that the cryptocurrency would be created taking into consideration all the peculiarities and needs of the market.

Hacken Influence on the Market
The creation of Hacken framed a priority goal for the company and industry in general. The company aims to contribute to the development of the cyber-security market and promote the idea of being a white hat hacker. To ensure the achievement of this noble goal, the company designed some products, which are integrated within the Hacken ecosystem.

Hacken Proof
The first component to assure the implementation of the cyber security market changes and improvements is the Hacken Proof platform. It will offer white hat hackers a range of projects so that they’ll be able to participate in vulnerability and penetration testing of various companies. The competitive advantage of this bug bounty platform would be total anonymity. Neither customers nor clients would be able to reach each other or harm in any means. All the operations on the platform would be delivered in exchange for HKNs only, which would help frame the industry and its future growth. More information about the policies and participation prospects are available via this link

Hacken Accelerator
However, the single company would not be able to frame and achieve all the goals, stated above. That’s the main reason why Hacken is willing to create another product, the Hacken Accelerator. This would be the place where the best initiatives in the cyber security field are to be supported by Hacken and its marketing team. The first participants would be announced during the Annual HackIT conference, which would be assessed below. It’s also noteworthy that all the operations and funds of the Hacken Accelerator would also be in HKNs. As a result, young and bright talent will be able to bring their ideas to fruition regardless of any stiff competition and a lack of funds.

HackIT Conference
The support of the market by searching for and preparing the best professionals of cybersecurity is also a top priority for Hacken, which would help frame the industry and its further development. That’s why the company is supporting the biggest cybersecurity conference in Eastern Europe. During late September, teams from all around the world would compete in the CTF event, sponsored and supported by Hacken. Additionally, the best hackers will be hired by Hacken while their ideas would gain support and investments from within the Hacken Accelerator.

Does the Community Really Need It?
The question of the necessity of Hacken’s existence in the industry is being debated by a plethora of people. The company sees its goal and is willing to transfer it onto others. It’s promoting the idea of ethical hacking and making the world more secure in terms of use of the Internet. Hacken supports the values of protecting businesses from hack attacks and getting bounties for this. The usage of blockchain technology would make it easier for the industry to achieve this objective. In turn, anonymity would help white hat hackers do their work and remain safe.

However, the Hacken company is not only useful for the community. Accounting for the constant trend of growth in the industry, it’s obvious that investing in the Cyber Security market would also be beneficial. The use of blockchain technology makes it far easier for Hacken to find possible investors. An ICO of the company enables other people to vote with their capital and support the market by investing in HKNs. The presale of them has already started. The main sale will last until the end of November. The initial exchange rate with fiat money is 1 HKN=1 USD. More information can be found in the Whitepaper of Hacken.

In turn, IT companies and other forms using IT products for their operations would also get advantages from being part of the Hacken ecosystem as clients. They would be able to acquire access to the extremely high amount of white hat hackers, whose task is to provide premium quality penetration and vulnerabilities testing. The competitive advantage of Hacken for clients is that a number of participants of the testing would be random and adequately high. All of them would remain anonymous and unaware of all the other participants of the testing process. In addition, all bugs identified will become the property of the customer. Thus, it will be protected by Hacken policy. All these facts will ensure the highest results and safety for the client.

In general, the cyber security industry is currently facing constant changes and challenges . Hacken offers a viable framework and tools which would be helpful in remaining competitive and safe in this ever changing environment. The company offers a new point of view on cybersecurity and white hat hacking. It’s aimed at supporting the other projects in the sphere to achieve its goal – making the world a safer and better place.

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