What is it DarbToken ?

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Do you interesting what is DarbToken?

DARB Tokens are utility tokens available on the Darb Finance platform.
One of their functions is the ability to allocate an appropriate amount of funds (profit) generated by the exchange within the Proof of Trade system.

You receive DARB Tokens for each completed transaction on the exchange. ⠀
That's all you need to do to receive additional funds from DARB Finance every day. You have to register and trade!

The platform can distribute from 35% to 50% of the daily income between the DARB Token holders.

The more transactions you make, the more DARB tokens you will have in your account, and they determine what percentage of daily income of the exchange you will receive.

Start trading as soon as possible: At the early stages of Proof of Trade functioning, mining DARB Tokens is the easiest.
Take advantage of this opportunity and get as many tokens as possible.

Invite your friends: The more people trade at the exchange, the more resources are available. ⠀

Earn money thanks to platform growth: Remember that by reaching the next Milestones, the amount of resources that the platform will distribute among the users increases!

Be with Darb Finance and make more money!


interesting to know about this one

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