Tokenpay Scam! Who's Guilty?

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Bounty Program Scam: 110,000 Tpay Coins = $770,000

They have Agreed to Pay 100,000 TPay Coins for Bounties in addition to a 10000 Coins for Management expense. however, once the abundance program completed ,, they all of a sudden began discovering reasons and attempted to continue diminishing installment to an ever increasing extent.

Reason 1: Participants Wallets

Tpay is a coin without anyone else Blokchain. it's anything but an ERC or best of some other Blockchain Token. so before ICO begin and Bounty Start time there was no Wallet Available/Launched, We obviously got some information about this and they concurred and requesting that we gather each client email addresses at the season of joining so they could pay their installments straightforwardly to their wallets toward the finish of abundance program. in any case, toward the finish of Bounty program they all of a sudden altered their opinions and approached me for wallet addresses.. I revealed to them that the wallets was not accessible at the season of individuals joining abundance program and the assention was to make their installments in their ICO dashboard. in any case, they didn't tune in to that and put me again to gather everybody wallets.

on the off chance that they needed they could without much of a stretch store everybody's Bounty installment to every member ICO dashboard as beginning understanding. in any case, they began this Wallet Collection bologna. which cause a long till (even till today still all members not presented their wallets)

Reason 2: Re-inspecting/Double checking Bounty Participants

at the point when Bounty program finished and we entered in circulation stage. Derek altered his opinion to acknowledge the spreadsheet My group have arranged and chosen to dismiss my checking and tallying and do another checking and tallying without anyone else's input. he postponed that re-review for 2 months and afterward toward the end he put Danny on the re-review work following two month of time. bunches of actives which were finished by abundance members. were expelled from their places. (medium, steemit, tweets, shares and so on) and heaps of them got dismissed once more.

Reason 3: Stake System

At the point when the Campaign Started, Johny and Derek Chose to Go with Stake framework.. Everybody think about Stake framework can affirm how it functions.. in Stake framework the abundance assignment will be settled to a particular sum and after that that particular sum isolated among all members. regardless of if the members are 100 or 10,000 toward the end.. regardless of whether a man get excluded sooner or later, that members stakes and tokens will be partitioned into different members. this is the means by which stake framework abundance program work which was picked by Johny and Derek them selves. for Blog and media abundance I prompted them to go for a settled pay rate framework. be that as it may, they rejected that exhort and demand me to proceed with stake framework..

at that point when the abundance program completed Derek began an outlandish re-review thing which wound up with a great deal of exclusion (said above).. yet, they chose to not pay the tokens of precluded clients into whatever is left of qualified clients (as per the terms o stakes framework), they said everybody will get whatever they have in my first count. (they dismissed my estimations and chose to run a re-review yet the allotments I've doled out to each takes an interest they didn't consent to change that) I attempted a ton to clarify them that they can't do that. in any case, they didn't listen that . so I needed to expel them from the abundance spreadsheets and bolted the sheets so they don't make any duplicate for that.. after that they completely opened up and unmistakably said they'll not pay anything to me and abundance members..

As indicated by them subsequent to locking the spreadsheets, I've abused the underlying Bounty administration understanding. while they've disregarded the assention very nearly 6 times till that time.. (I'll indicate everything in the screen capture prove)

Referral Bonus Scam 25,000 Tpay Coins = $175,000

I have alluded tokenpay ICO to a chinese firm and have persuaded them to put resources into Tokenpay ICO. after that I've organized a gathering call between that chinese firm and Derek capo which was wound up with 30 Bitcoin speculation from that Chinese gathering.. for that Derek capo Agreed to Pay me 25k Tpay coins as my referral reward (when the real referral reward that time at ICO site was half, yet Derek Didn't consented to pay me half referral reward since that gathering did not joined through my referral connect in ICO but rather they've made an immediate manage TokenPay proprietor (derek) so I didn't got the real referral interfaces yet Derek consented to pay me 25,000 Tpay coin for this huge venture ) which was not reasonable but rather despite everything I concurred. yet, rather than Paying me the 25k Coins he paid me just 5000 Tpay coins following 2 month of solicitations and requesting installment ordinary at last he opened up his mouth and declined to pay me 25,000 Tpay coins. since after such a long deferral the tokenpay Coin as of now picked up an incentive in market and afterward Derek got desirous to pay the concurred sum for that arrangement.. as per him I didn't put such a great amount of endeavors to orchestrate that 30 Bitcoins (Around 0.4 Million $ around then's bitcoin value) Deal. so he chose to alter his opinion to pay the 25,000 Tpay coins and make it just 5000,

in Both Referral and Bounty Programs Derek and his Team Scammed Total 135,000 Tpay Coins which worth Around 945,000 Dollars (Almost 1 Million $) in the event that we incorporate the late/Delay Charges the assets include all the more then 1 Million $$ worth of TokenPay...

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