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Decentralized exchanges as we have a tendency to all understand have many edges over centralized exchanges. we have a tendency to are all aware that centralized exchanges are being challenged with; risks of fund loss as a results of cyber attacks, needless delay in deposits and withdrawal of funds, extraordinarily high dealing and withdrawal fees, complicated computer programme that produces trading very troublesome for users and additionally deduction of hidden charges that frustrates out users of the platform.

Therefore, the simplest answer to all or any of those issues is certainly decentralized exchange platforms that don’t create users fund to the danger of obtaining lost and additionally permits the direct trading of cryptocurrency between users with none hidden charges.
This is the explanation behind the creation of Tokenmom exchange by cryptocurrency specialists who have studied well the issues being fully fledged by traders on typical trading platforms and has come back up with lasting solution*.
What makes Tokenmom distinctive from its alternative Counterparts?
On Tokenmom exchange, there’s the availability of wonderful options to be enjoyed by all users that include;

accessibility of the exchange platform in several languages
Users will trade all ETH primarily based tokens
Ability to trade on the exchange while not having to register
Users don’t need KYC to withdraw and additionally no deposit needed
tm token holders can have the good thing about obtaining newly listed coins airdropped to their wallet
metal holders can have the chance to recommend new options for the exchange
very easy and straightforward interface and
The ability for tm token holders to vote for token listings
tk 6.jpg

With of these options being placed in place by Tokenmom, then it’s conspicuous that that platform is way a lot of higher than its nighest decentralized exchange counterpart (IDEX).
Tokenmom additionally offers 100% of tm to users for the referral that is a type of incentives.


Total supply: 2,000,000
Token symbol: tm
Token price: 0.00004 ETH (Initial price)
the number of tokens to be sold: 800,000,000


In conclusion, Tokenmom decentralized exchange has a place in situ all measures to cause revolutionary changes in trading expertise for all cryptocurrency traders through its decentralized platform. Therefore, I think about this platform an awfully safe one to take a position upon by shopping for tm tokens.

BTT username; anddyy
BTT profile link:;u=2321285

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