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Engineers use Tiki torches in study of soot, diesel filters

(University of Notre Dame) Chemical engineers are using the summer staple in testing methods to improve efficiency of diesel engines.

Theorists find mechanism behind nearly pure nanotubes from the unusual catalyst

(Rice University) Rice University scientists decode the unusual growth characteristic of carbon nanotubes that start out as one chirality but switch to another, resulting in nearly homogenous batches of single-walled nanotubes.

New system can identify drugs to target 'undruggable' enzymes critical in many diseases

(Medical Research Council) A new drug discovery system allows scientists to specifically target members of an important family of enzymes, called phosphatases, which were previously considered mostly 'undruggable'. The study, published in Cell, demonstrated the capabilities of the new system by identifying a molecule that could successfully target a phosphatase to reduce the accumulation of Huntington's disease-associated proteins in the brains of mice.

Researchers develop a new method to detect nucleation

(American Institute of Physics) Scientists studying nucleation often use microscopic droplets as miniature experiments that can run quickly, in parallel, and in a small space. However, these experiments require high-resolution images, limiting the number of droplet images that can be simultaneously processed. Researchers recently overcame this challenge by focusing their measurements on the contrast between droplets and their surrounding medium. This technique, published in AIP Advances, provides the most accurate and efficient method for detecting crystal nucleation to date.

NASA-developed coating investigated for protecting Smithsonian specimens

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) A technology that has shielded some of NASA's highest-profile space observatories from potentially harmful molecular contamination is now being evaluated as a possible solution for protecting the Smithsonian Institution's cultural artifacts and natural-science specimens.

Engineers track neural activity, muscle movement in ageless aquatic creatures

(Rice University) Rice University scientists developed microfluidics platforms to study the nervous system of the hydra, a squid-like creature with remarkable regenerative abilities.

Manufacturing engineer Mostafa Bedewy lands $330,000 National Science Foundation grant to study 'nanotube forests'

(University of Pittsburgh) To better understand and control the internal structure of nanotube-based materials for emerging applications, the National Science Foundation awarded $330,000 to Mostafa Bedewy, assistant professor of industrial engineering at Pitt's Swanson School of Engineering. In this new NSF project, Dr. Bedewy will employ a combination of experimental and modeling techniques to reveal the kinetics of activation and deactivation in large populations of carbon nanotubes known as 'nanotube forests.'

Tropical Storm Jongdari gearing up to become a Typhoon

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) NOAA/NASA's Suomi NPP satellite provided a visible look at Tropical Storm Jongdari in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean on July 26. The storm is increasing its organization and will most likely become a typhoon within the day.

New two-dimensional material could revolutionize solar fuel generation

(Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo) International group of researchers including Brazilian scientists obtain from hematite a new material with application as a photocatalyst, christened 'hematene.' The three-atom thick hematene is a ferromagnetic material, as opposed to the iron ore from which it was created from.

Tweets prove to be reliable indicator of air quality conditions during wildfires

(USDA Forest Service - Northern Research Station) Whether it is caused by wildfire or prescribed fire, smoke can have serious health ramifications. USDA Forest Service scientists evaluated 39,000 tweets originating in California during the state's 2015 wildfire season to learn whether what people tweet can be used to predict air quality in areas affected by fire.


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