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Topic: My First TokenBB experience shows me it needs more work

So I tried making a tokenbb post and my post was erased, I wasnt even able to post, and no draft was saved, and I was lost in settings, and now, my post about tokenbb is gone but I will try again. I see massive room for improvement and I just want @chainbb look to come back

so i will just rewrite what i can. No fuck that Im not gonan do that

if anyoen wants to know what happened, I got disapointed. @chainbb is what i thought I was getting, but I dont mind paying 109 steem. Im just glad I didnt pay 1000 ENG / steem for tokenbb hahah i see no reason to pay for it other than to help some friends of steem engine which si fine but, ya know, those tokenbb guys should be having more features before selling their product for 1000 ENG they should lower it to 100 ENg then maybe more peopel would buy it and we could get funding for devs to go on tokenbb github and produce some better interface improvements, bring back chainbb colors etc

WHo am I to crticisze @tokenbb ? Well I am someone who cares and probably the only one who will give tokenbb the chance I am giving it.

Why do I want tokenbb or rather chainbb by @jesta ? because it used to HIDE USD value of posts... that means people act differently when they dont see money on their posts. it becomes more like old school 1990s forums which i want to bring back

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Reply to My First TokenBB experience shows me it needs more work

This is a very interesting fork of tokenbb indeed... can you post on their main page for free?? :)

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