Want Kind Of Forum Would You Like To Start?

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Hey guys, I'm upvoting good suggestions for features, marketing, ideas in this post. Drop by, leave a suggestions, follow @tokenbb and subscribe to our email list to stay tuned with the project.

My question for today is:

If you could start your own mini steemit on your own website...what would it be about?

I'm looking forward to read and upvote your response in the comment section.

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when i first learned about steem and even smt’s i first thought of combining it with my online forum that i’ve had for a decade plus. it’s in serious need of some TLC and would love to implement tokenbb into it.

the forum is called net marketing forum and has been online since 2003. focuses on online business, work from
home solutions and general discussions. at one time it was one of the most active marketing forums online and just needs something like tokenbb to spice things up again.

already signed up for the list and looking forward to these developments because i can think of not better home for my forum than on the blockchain.

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Wow, that's really cool. I think the WarriorForum needs some serious competition. :-)

Would you be willing to ride of the TokenBB main token or would you like to have your own native token on your forum?

lol ya. warrior forum was always number one. but we made some waves back in the day lol

it’s way above my pay grade to have my own token. i would love to learn more about tokenbb and see how i can use it.

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Awesome Possum. I mean these people are already there to make money...can you imagine if they were to make money by posting on the warrior forum on how to make money? Bananza that would be.

oh man. it would be huge. really exciting to think about.

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I think it's important that @tokenbb finds a way for users to import whole forums from competing platforms @cryptoctopus.

I don't know if it's possible but if it is, you would benefit from that @jongolson.

I would go into food business, maybe involve in a franchise because it is a thriving business.

For me as a Christian believer, I could imagine starting a forum just for Christians. No offense, but its a different area especially theological topics are often explosive.

On the other hand, I could also imagine starting​ a forum about consumer tech or of course something with sport :)

You could have Predestination vs FreeWill or PreMillenial vs Amillenial vs PostMillenial eschatology. :-P
No offense about that!

Consumer tech is cool too. What niche exactly?

Uhhhhh sounds explosively good 😁 I like that.

I am following some YouTubers like MKBHD for example. I like his content about smartphones or cameras :) This would something I could imagine very well.

Not as explosive as some Muslimic "arguments".

I've actually got something in the pipeline that I'm working on called photomag. I'm going to base the content of the site on posts that have been upvoted by certain accounts. Human curation of the content, making the site more like a fully edited magazine (as in, "run by a group of editors"). For me at the moment, the only way that you can get a good collection of quality content into one place is to manually curate and moderate (similar to what we are going to get with communities i suppose). I just want a place where photographers can submit great photos, tutorials, articles, blogs etc without their work both, a) getting lost in a sea of shitposts and b) get rewarded for submitting their work to @photomag.

Nice! Have you looked into @photofeed? Maybe there is something there for you guys to cooperate with.

Yeah, I actually already vote on a lot of the photofeed stuff with my curie direct follow/photomag account. Even before the site is created, I'm trying to build a following and get some rewards out there for the use of the tag, but as I'm sure you know, it's a ton of work to find good, original and engaging content in the photography area. Any successful tag quickly becomes a river of plagiarism and shitposts in the hope of fooling people into giving a big upvote.

yeah...that's why we need some form of moderation interface to get rid of those people. That's what I'm hoping the Wordpress/Steem model will allow to ban and curb spam. Hivemind is going in that direction too.

I would start en environment forum, where the debate should be only about environment, pollution, green-house effect and so on...This should be the place to arrange, plan and fund initiatives, without political interference...politicians only make noise, they don't move anything...So a global environment platform👍

I'm more of the creative writer guy and I think creative writers sometimes find it very difficult to come up with a voice so I'll start up a forum for creative writers, either prose fiction, Dramatist and especially poetry, I'll also like to start a forum like musing.io however it will be based on questions and answers on arts and creativity.

Personally, I think there needs to be a forum about technology and the future. There is so much going on with it that people are going to be caught off guard. There are 4 or 5 articles a day I come across that I could do a post about but do not want to overload my blog on here.

The Smartphone radically changed society...from what I researched, there are 3 or 4 technologies converging that will have similar effect...apiece...as the smartphone did. Collectively, they could really send things flying. This all will happen by the middle of the next decade.

So I think a forum like that would really help people out.

Good idea to get some feedback here and on the other post @cryptoctopus :)

Did you have an ETA when you think Alpha will come out? and my other question is, will this be your own designed forum plug-in, or you doing it from scratch? I guess a lot of ideas depends on the design and functionality.

I probably have half-a-dozen projects that can use this. When I first came to SteemIt this is what I predicted the future would be for communities on the internet. Glad to see you are tackling this issue.

As soon as possible. There are many unknown unknowns but 2 weeks would be the ballpark.


I'm late to this but I would want to have a forum about important stuff and some fun stuff. Like making money reducing expenses improving the world etc.

For me, I would start a forum to share the various beauties our planet has to offer. My passion is traveling the world and meeting people from everywhere to better understand how we all the same even with all our differences.

What each culture finds beautiful is one of the most amazing realities of life. I can't imagine a better forum than one where we share our life's adventures while we visit different countries.

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Bonjour @cryptoctopus !
J'ai été initiée à steemit par @cathou009.
Trouvant le concept génial, je me suis inscrite en 2016. J'ai toutefois choisi d'attendre que la communauté francophone se développe un peu plus avant de publier. Depuis février dernier je m'implique activement sur la plateforme ; je publie sur divers sujets (en misant sur une contribution de qualité), commente et encourage les initiatives de la communauté. J'apprécie qu'on y mise les articles de qualité, même si les critères d'évaluation d'une publication de la qualité peuvent avoir un caractère relatif ... J'aimerais à plus long terme ou sur mon "ministeemit", apporter une contribution dans mon champs d'expertise, c-à-d sur des sujets touchant des dimensions psychosociales ou en lien avec le développement de l'enfant (petite enfance).
Voilà pour moi !
Merci d'avoir ouvert l'échange à ce sujet :)

I'd like to start a forum that helps current bloggers and WordPress users to intergrate Steem into their current setup.

I hope to be an alpha or beta tester with tokebb so I can really get a feel for it.

Definitely would love to start a forum on audio production techniques / gearhead stuff. I see a lot of studio geeks on here, I think an audio forum would be well supported. Cheers, @cryptoctopus!

It would be great to create a good site for photographers with content premoderation.
This site should work with curation guild, which selects published on the site or for a given tag content and filters out spam and plagiarism. In addition, the curator's guild jointly votes for quality content and evaluates it for example according to a three-point or a five-point scale. After that, a special account votes for this content, as it is done with other steemit related sites. But its voting power depends on the assessment that the curation guild gave.

I am a moderator in a high traffic forum Website in my country since 2010 the only issue being that it runs Xenforo software and I am not sure if it is supported by TokenBB.

We have been looking for a way to monetize the forum to benefit the users and this is one of the few ways we could go about it.

The plan is for me to host a new forum on Wordpress and have users who are interested participate in the early days of the release and slowly cultivate a new community, a closely knight family of people who are more likely to curate quality content more.

@cryptoctopus It's a tough question for Me. But I would have gone with related to the Water resources and Environment Purpose Platform. and for better work I would have discussed with you and many more experinced for how to implement.
By the way it was a amazing Question to Discuss.

A forum about better, genuine and free online education for all. We have some much about that in past 10 years but still none of them guarantees correct dissemination of educational information to all. And for the fact that education is too broad, we can dissect each of its branches and learning programs like guides, homeworks, publications, exams, etc. It's all about free education in the web.

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There isn't a large enough audience here on Steemit, but a political forum focused on candidates and their elections (local and otherwise). Organizing grassroots campaigns via the internet is something I saw work with the RonPaulForums and I think the tech behind crypto can held with outreach and funded for smaller elections. In the US but really aboard.

This would separate the "political" news, opinions and entertainment from the actual work needed to get done to spread a message through a candidate.

It could be develop of apps... I don't know it's a simple idea

What about a forum for Self Defense and everything related to it? How to create awareness and prevent bad situations, how to de-escalate and how to get out of a fight if unavoidable.
This topic is potentially live-saving, but hardly represented here.

do you see demand or similar forums related topics out there?

Yes, I see demand and I am not aware about any such a forum. But of course I might have overlooked something.

I am your post upvote @reasteemed done

Everything depends on religion for the Indian, but if something new comes, then I think that should be full of technology, and along with the technique, if he understands the feelings of the people and performs a consistent task, then I think Such sophistication will prove to be very helpful for the people. The technology needs to be in line with the thinking of the people.

What would you say about it?

I am very new in steemit, so at this moment i am not capable to provide idea abot this matter. But I wants to support from you.
please check me here @mawahab

As a photographer i want to take this type of photo. You write very well. If you think my photo can help your blog. Plese take it. I will be very happy. Love to work with talent people. Me new.

Hmm I am looking for a subject what could be useful to my community @promo-mentors, I think I would start a Steemit news section. As there are many stuff happening at once, I seem to never be able to keep up. To me this is the strenght of Reddit. For @tokenbb if you plan to make a section for Steemit news, I think you could do great marketing on this.

Excellent article sir my followers will find this useful so I upvoted and resteemed have a nice day sir

Well, I'm passionate about cheap, green and renewable energy. So, I'd run a tech blog which will focus on simple engineering that can help make an impactful change on people's livelihood. Power is still a huge problem in my country. So if I'm to start a forum, it'd lean towards brainstorming towards cheap renewable energy and the means to actualize it. We've got the sun, so solar energy can be a super viable option. The forum will focus amongst other things technology on cheap (as at the moment there are no really cheap methods as the country is impoverished over years of misrule) sustainable power production and other simple-engineering based technologies.

I would be happy to start a karaoke program, with the intention of being able to converse and sing, to share a fun and different time where people could leave the problems behind, and just enjoy the moment through music. I have now verified, through a program that I have in the "Smart Media Group", that when Kararoke time arrives, there is no fatigue, no problems, only good energy, we laughed and had a great time. It is like a kind of therapy of laughter and positive energy through music. I invite you, when you want, I do it every Wednesday.
Something important, my native language is Spanish, but when it comes to energy, we are in the discord channel, people with different languages and that has not been limiting, to have fun and sing. It is a total joy.
Good vibes. Lluvia de bendiciones para ti.

hey brother, learning about curation trails and while looking at steem auto i see you are my best fan, i joined your trail and would like to join your discord if possible. Really appreciate you

Hello, I followed you on steemauto, please add me to the system, thank you.

Thanks! Polish wąsatka bird for you !


I would like to start my own cryptocurrency investment group forums. We are currently operating on Slack which is kind of like forums, with easy-to-use software, but forums would definitely be an addition to this!

@cryptoctopus If I have to create a forum i would obviously go for a forum about what's the worst thing you have ever done to yourself. I think it would be fun! What about you??

Technical analysis of cryptocurrencies... ;P

I personally think there is a need of a forum about global warming and steps towards denuclearizing the enter world. Which are the two most devastating things with which entire world is dealing with.
If any time anything goes wrong. Entire humanity will vanish in seconds.
For global warming we can have a healthy discussion and raise funds through our forum.
But related to denuclearizing the enter world.
We can’t do anything. Because it’s all about who is the boss and who dominate the world.
But at least we can put forwards our important views on this important issue.
Thanks for asking us for suggestions.

Thinking far ahead:

Integration with Tauchain.