Trading LWEE Waves Token

in token •  last month 

Today LWEE reach +11.7%
making 1 Million LWEE at 1.05 Waves
Still this is very cheap a Million


There were 200 Million LWEE and 76% has left from the issuer address
this means 40 Million plus already distributed
and 150 Million left in our funds
better get your position

source; h2ox

400k LWEE up for Grabs

Take this chance to grab 400k LWEE
this is the first Rewards distribution that will happen this 25th of this Month
After distribution, we will try to halt selling on the Market and perform some buyback
Hope we can enable to tip in on the Telegram groups using h2oxBOT

6 days more for grabing the rewards
don't get left behind

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