Steemians Claim Free Redfishcoin, valid for (2018) 2019

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Get Free Redfishcoin here!

All Steemians are Free to claim on this thread.
We encourage you to resteem this post so others can have it too!
This is offer to all.

Your upvotes on this post will help awarenesss on Redfish Project.

Redfish Rewards

  • hold minimum of 50 Redfish to earn 3% monthly Shares
  • hold minimum of 500 Redfish to earn 5% monthly Shares!
  • Hold minimum of 1000 Redfish to earn 7-10% monthly Shares!
  • Buy Back Program
  • Awesome Bonus token
  • Royalty Rewards
  • Bitcoin Satoshis Dividend
  • PoP Steemit Promotion

To Claim Free,

  1. Create Post About Redfishcoin, claim Higher Redfish!
  2. Comment your Address (post links)
  3. Claim your coins.


Other Ways of Getting free Redfishcoin

Visit: Redfish Site

Other way to get it FREE!

a). Join Telegram and get Weekly Sharedrop by staying!
b). Resteem Steemit post
c). Share FB post
d) cast vote on coinfalcon and Nanu exchange
e). Retweet post
d). Join Aidrops
f). Buy 10 Redfish get Free coins
and many more. . .

Redfishcoin is a verified Waves Assets of Steemit Redfish Community. Monthly Steemit shares is the way of giving back to the community rewarding the Redfish Stockholders since 2017

To bring the Redfish community to the bigger world of crypto, supporting fellow and at the same time giving shares in steemit earnings!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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redfish wallet

sounds interesting, 3PHYHzfKdjUrat6mzRPAxvWyzi6Uj86THzK

Thanks! Resteemed



Redfish Sent

Starting January 2019, Hold 50 Redfish and Earn 3-10% Monthly Shares, Join Telegram for free Coins!



I found on faucet and Waves DEX. Good project.


Redfish Sent,

RedfishCoin offer Monthly Shares since 2017. Starting January 2019, those who hold 50 Redfish minimum will receive 3-10% monthly shares! we invited you to hold more,


nice project , i support this project and developers ,this project will be sucefful
adress waves : 3P3CSzKxMZ5ZwQq9eGwoKx4LB47QMZS7m5G


Redfish Sent

Visit for more

Thank you very much.

Address- 3PDx1bJkw4pV8Ct1pAzYEM4E3XGRatMqFaY

Redfishelp absolutely done a great job & enabled opportunity for crypto Lover! Join, Share, Hold! Who do not like such a great Giveaway Offer? 😁👍



Redfish Sent

Hold Redfish while it is Still cheap!
Hold Minimum Redfish to Earn Monthly Shares
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redfishelp (54) · yesterday
Redfish Sent

Hold Redfish while it is Still cheap!
Hold Minimum Redfish to Earn Monthly Shares
Visit for more

Bought 100 Redfish :) TX ID: 6xpvvfEm2pcMJwAYunx9nTnpMMusBiZ2XYbsDDReaFt5


Free token for Buying 10 Redfish
TXID 99LpZdMsSANQxkcdnzkUyGiVMYZF4MkgmNwyY7txDhUB

Great start


Redfish Sent

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