Redfishcoin Buy Back Program!

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Today's Redfish Value in the market!

One of the program Redfishcoin used for coin stability is the Buy Back.

All the earnings of redfishelp account will proceed to Buy back Program.
This will help to increase redfish value in the market,
ensure the price stability to it growing!

Redfishcoin was 0.03 waves/redfish in 2017

  • take a snap at waves/redfish pair now.

  • Current waves/redfish is at 0.12 each, and we are moving from 0.03 each!

Sell/buy/trade redfishcoin at WavesDEX

Create wallet there to store your Redfishcoin,
pair with:

Be a Redfishcoin Stockholder earning 3%-10% monthly Shares!

Upvote and Resteem and comment address to claim 0.2 REDFISH

Join the 2nd Redfishcoin Airdrop
Form :

Hold 10 RedfishCoin & 1 waves in your wallet to Qualify.

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I definitely want to start putting in the work to help get Redfish coin and your blogs more recognition.
Perhaps giving away Redfish like yourself when I buy more & begin earning substantial staking regards.

Of course I'm always looking to link up with the like minded so as to strengthen the juggernaut status.
Do you have a Redfish crew or any team projects you're working with?

Waves wallet:


thanks for your support,

Redfishcoin Sent



thanks for your support,

Redfishcoin Sent