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So, if you are to release your first token in life, what kind of name would you give it? Why would you want to create it?

That’s a really interesting question. I’ve never thought of that in my life because I believed money was the thing should be printed by a bank or government.

However, everything is possible in this crazy crypto world! Now you can issue your own token by doing “One key Token Release” on U Network! (Here is a Japanese translation if needed;-)

U Networkでのワンキートークン・リリース・チュートリアル

Okay! I'm ready. Give it a shot! I’m going to release my first token in my life. Of course, the name is KATAKOTOKEN!


Yes, my nickname is KATAKOTO, which means “talk like a baby” or “ broken foreign language” in Japanese. My first token should be the name naturally like the river flows and crypto dump and pump.

But..wait…the money should be something valuable or backed by something we want like gold or banana! Otherwise, it has nothing to back the value like US dollar, oops! I know the US still has the strong economic power and people believe it, but katakoto has no power, just small penis. Even if I gave 100,000 KATAKOTOKEN to Alice, she would dump it to the dust box even without looking at it…because I have a small penis…

Copyright: Southpark

How do I make my token something valuable? If you have 10 KATAKOTOKEN(KAT), You can take a Japanese lesson from me via Skype in my Katakoto English? or 100KAT, I can gather as many Asian women as possible to praise yours?

Copyright: Southpark

OMG! no one seems to want it, even myself!

Well…How about this idea?

KATAKOTOKEN is issued for helping and encouraging those who study the second language. When second-language learners take exams like GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL, they can pay for them with KATAKOTOKEN as test fee. And not only that, they can get cash back depends on the score they get as well! (I should say “token back”.)

For example, if you get 90 in TOEFL, you can get 15% cashback with KATAKOTOKEN, over 110 is 25% cash back or something like that! This definitely allows them to stay motivated for studying.

This will be possible automatically through a smart contract on U Network! (Will they support smart contract things, right? I’m not sure…)

It’s also a good idea that we can donate and support other second-language learners each other using KATAKOTOKEN for them to take exams or get rewards in returns of their hard work! The donation would be sent to a central pool, where they could be fairly and transparently distributed to KATAKOTOKEN users. Yeah, “Transparency”. That’s the word I’ve always wanted to use as a blockchain enthusiast, evangelist, influencer, visionary and unemployed guy for a long time!

Source: Cryptomemes

This idea came up from my current experience, now I’m trying to get a PR in Canada. I have to take so many official English exams which cost $300 each time until my score meets the minimum requirement! For young students, this kind of financial support will be really helpful for their bright future! (I’m not that young though :-p)

So, how do I make many related organizations accept KATAKOTOKEN?
I don’t know! CALL PRESIDENT! maybe he would response;

Source: Cryptomemes

The more KATAKOTOKEN uses, the less KATAKOTO speaker (broken language speaker) in the world.

KATAKOTOKEN creates high liquidity in communication all over the world. Make America Great Again! US dollar stable again! Wow! World peace has done! We finally made it! Congratulation!

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今回は、それに味をしめて、これまた僕の一押しプロジェクトであるU Network






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