Investing on RedfishSMT

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Did you know what is REDFISHSMT?
If not, then this is your chance to hold some
Get some by doing simple RESTEEM
Let them know What is REDF

Trade it on STeem Engine

REDF token has 1 million total supply and 21,000 token in circulation.

  • 3 Monthly Shares/100 REDF Minimum Holding

Soon it will be activated or as planned to start this June 25, 2019. Why REDF is Expensive? REDF will be back by Redfishcoin whic is worth $0.80+ each now, soon it will be 1:1 in value. So you have the chance to hold REDF and at the same time earn 3% monthly shares, soon!

Resteem this post and GET REDF

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