Austra beat westindies in worldcup 2019

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Its was a really good competition to watchb. West indies won thbe toss and elected to bowl fcirst and got 4 early break thbrough. Four wicket put australia in deep trouble but cauyhtes win matches . west indies drop some cauthes and did not avail some DRS which was originally out if they taken drs.
And 288 wae not a big to chase down but wewt indies played some rash shots and got out. Some irresponsible shots put down westindies a very good chanse to beat a strong team of world cup.
West indies have next match with south africa. South africa last chanse to survive in worldcup. Wats happened next lets wait anr watch.

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WI played so well but at the end they didn't able to keep the momentum and fall important wickets.Bad luck for WI.

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