Bidbot wars ..

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Well apparently people and the platform is caving.

Flags and such are now a way of life.

Well guess it don't matter what you do. You get flagged. And rewards? Well what little is there to actually grow on. Unless you play the popularity game.


Well changing my delegations. My biggest one just changed. Boom.

Cashing out weedcash so shortly I'll be trading that off for a different one. Or just liquidating it.

Yep. Wow. It is my fault. And sorry you is going through what you are. But that isn't the way to go about things.

Time to close my circle. Yep. Don't trust that guy got it. Next.

More love in the world. And more ways for me to make my moves.

Just wait. I got some more plans.

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Tribes are much more helpful and you will make more steem I find.