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So this is kind of a rant against T-Mobile. One year ago I traded in my Galaxy S6 Edge for a Galaxy S7 Edge. The rules for the trade-in were you trade in your previously owned device and pay it off completely to get a new device for free. Little did I know T-Mobile was going to take my device that I paid off and charge me for the new device. Throughout one whole year I called T-Mobile service customer service over and over and I've also went into T-mobile stores. Every T-Mobile customer service person I spoke to told me they will remove the charges on my account for the new phone which is supposed to be for free since they took my old paid off phone. of course they give me credits for a month or two and then it's back to square one and I'm being charged again the following month. T-Mobile owes me about $1,000 maybe even more and it's still charging me for things that I am supposed to get for free. Customer service acknowledges that the phone is supposed to be for free so that's why they give me the credit for the month I call in for and then the rest of the month they're just charging me Non-Stop. I am really sick and tired of all these money hungry bastards taking our hard earn money from the middle class America. My last step is I will have to take them to court. Have you guys had any similar experiences? what were your outcomes?what did you do did you have to go to court?

p.s. T-Mobile's recent buy out plan of Sprint is not beneficial for the consumer I'm sure they're cost us two arms and two legs. New World Monopoly f*** you!!!! 😤😡😠

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