TMI: Topics & Tunes Cancelled Today - BUT WHY?!?!

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As you've already noticed, Topics and Tunes is cancelled again today. I had a pretty good streak of never ever EVER cancelling. I thought perhaps consistency was the key. I still think that's true, in general, just maybe not for my silly ass radio show. 😏 This is not why I'm cancelling.

Over the last several months my period, moontime, Aunt Flow, Red Badge of Courage, muh Lady Business, the good ol' crimson tide (LOL! I looked those up... there are more... many more...) has been slightly changing course. This is a little weird as I've always been right on time.

This means I'd never really had to 'check into the Red Roof Inn' (I'm sorry, I had to) on a Sunday (show times). Which was very good for YOU, my fabulous and amazing audience.

The Horrors

I've always had hard "Carrie" time (no joke, I just looked... this is also slang for having your period. My NAME. MY NAME IS SLANG. To be fair, it's likely because of the movie. 😎). As soon as I entered into womanhood shit hit the fan. Not literally. Don't be gross.

I missed a LOT of school at first. The pain was unbearable. I'm not a hyprocondriac. In fact, most times I just suffered in silence assuming everyone had similar issues. This theme continued throughout my life...ignoring pains. But that's another story.

At age 12

I started on the pill. It was a struggle. My doctor at the time was Catholic. She argued that I was too young to be sexually active. DUH. She told me and my mom (in the same room) that I would definitely start doing the sex if I started the pill. I was adamant that wouldn't happen. My parents were foster parents. I had TONS of foster brothers and sisters. Many who were in not great situations, including a pregnant teen. I saw the consequences. I wasn't dumb. Side note on how serious I was about being responsible: I didn't lose my big V until I was 21. BOOM.😎

Once on the pill my 'monthly girl flu' symptoms became much easier to deal with. Shoot! I could walk again! I stayed on the pill throughout college...but then stopped. Pretty sure cause insurance stopped.

Learning to Deal

Many years have passed. Shark Week comes very regularly, but with pains. I DO get the PMS before hand. I refer to this as 'crazy time' and attempt to not reply to anything... cause I'm literally NUTBALLS. Then... it arrives. And my brain breaks. Maybe it's that all of my blood is attempting to exit, leaving none left for my thoughts to think. During the first day I'm pretty much a zombie. I have a lost look in my eye. I'm not thinking about anything. And occassionally I scream out in bonechilling moans.

It doesn't Last Forever

Generally, about halfway through the day I start to feel human again... maybe the occassional painful cramp, but nothing crazy. I woke up feeling pretty shitty. Making words is hard. Making words with my mouth is even harder. While it's totally possible in a few hours I'll be back to my 'normal' self, I decided it safer to call it off for now.


This week I was planning to talk about Bigfoot, but with some super fun NEW insights. Rather than do a half-assed job, Imma keep working on this and present it next week. Put it on your calendar!

Okay... Imma lay down now.



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Eva and her stupid apple eating habits are the ones to blame for this!!!

Girl so here is the thing i have never had any pains like you and many others have and i thank the blood goddess for it but i did had 10 to 15 days of how can i produce so much blood in my little body and then i started on the pill, that thing made everything great and awesome only 3 day periods!! JUST 3 DAYS!!! I was happy so obviously i had to go and screw things up and had the brilliant idea of getting pregnant cause you know oh lets make a small copy of the boy I love so I can have 2 annoying guys to deal with and not just 1 I have to say the whole being pregnant and for 9 whole months (plus 2 weeks cause they lie yo you and pregnancy doesnt really last only 9 months) not getting the old aunt flo visit was AMAZING once then the consequences of that came getting cut open to extract the human being from out of me i thought well i should take advantage of this and stop the baby factory for good so smart of me! Also i had yet another 3 months of not monthly visit from lady in red cause of new mom hormones so i was happy.

But then it came! It came with fury and seeking revenge! She was angry I had her contain for so long. Since the baby factory was no more i didn't need to take any pills (good since they are expensive and now i have diapers to buy) so yeah, i now have 10 days periods with cramps and i still dont know how i manage to produce sooooo much blood during the whole 10 days.

My advice, dont get pregnant just to avoid the period for 9 months cause it will come back even worse and do t stop taking the pill even if you have to kill to get it cause that thing is magical!

So sorry for your pain i hope you feel better soon!

I was passing by STEEMIT and I salute you .. while I thank you for the precious work you do with SPLINTERLANDS

Thanks, man!🥰

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