The story we tell ourselves

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They told you that you were not enough,
and that you were too much,
That this was wrong with you,
You were crazy,
You were misbehaved.

They told you
To tone it down,
Sit with your legs crossed,
Blend in, smile,
and not make waves.

And you believed it,
You embraced that story
Of not being enough
and being too much.

What if you were the waves?
What if you were just right,
Just enough,
Just plenty?

It is time to listen to your voice,
It whispered all along
Inside of you,

Join me, sister,
And return to yourself.


[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@

This is the first time I used photos that I did not take myself in my steemit. They are royalty free, no attribution needed photos. They are on

The writing above is of my own, and was inspired by my new business venture, and I could not wait to share it first before I shout it to the world.


Lovely poem! I really like its peaceful and positive message.

Thank you so much for your comment. Go crazy with my $ 0.000001 vote!

Tank you for these poignant verses. You women are the future of the world, and I can't wait to see your true potential be finally free to express :)

Grazie Marco, io credo che tutti noi, anche se vecchi bacucchi, siamo il futuro. Il vero futuro sono pero' i bambini!

What a beautiful sentiment. I can see why you wanted to use those pictures. They are amazing.

Thank you so much! Yes, I love those pictures. Another person on steemit showed me that site.

What a lovely poem type introduction to what you are going to bring to the world!! I will resteem :)

Thank you. Trying to rediscover my own story myself.....

Its a monday morning bliss.. Beautiful lines... And that picturisation is worth for it....

Good one.. And I voted for u...

Thank you so much angelro! Thanks for reading it. I love those pictures myself.

It took me a long time to feel the way this piece ends. Thanks for sharing, many women can relate, I'm sure.

I am still trying to feel it! It's a never-ending process, for me at least.

See! You understand already. :) Just use different words to describe the reality. Peace.

Cool, you stopped by. :-)
Next time, I'll make us tea.

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