First TeamMalaysia Gathering @ my "home" Big Hug Burgers!

in tkc •  9 months ago

I don't know what everyone else was saying but mine was....... TO THE MOON 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀


Was a great first official hangout with the rest of the #teammalaysia Steemians. Everyone has been busy meeting and getting new people on Steemit, blogging for the most part and now we get to chill out and hangout with one another.

I honestly was was contemplating not going today and calling up my manager to tell him to take the lead on hosting the gathering as I was hit with a bad flu and sore throat. Felt so lethargic and just well... plain lousy..... the weather these past 3 days isn't helping either as we're having a spell of non stop rain for the past 36 hours or so.

Woke up this morning pretty beat up and still sick but determined to make it as it was the first meetup and most of all it was being hosted at my own "home" Big Hug.


The People

@aaronleang photographer of the day
@awesomianist flew all the way from Miri, East Malaysia and then going back tomorrow!... Mad props!
@crypto3d 3D artist and meeting him for the first time. Had a great chat and awesome pic together.
@(sorry don't know who the other person was as there were really too many people to get to know!)



Amongst the people here were, cartoonist and artist, voice actors, programmers, musicians, family people, animators, writers and of course cryptoheads!


Really wished I could chat more and take more pictures with everyone however, duty calls.......

(taking orders from all 60 Steemians present! Wohoo! Was a pleasure serving you guys!)


You never know where life takes you when you just live wholeheartedly one day at a time.

I think without Steemit, we'd probably have never met each other but just like in the crypto-verse, anything can happen!


Yep you better believe it.... Big Hug is gonna be the first ever restaurant in Malaysia to accept STEEM and SBD, the second in the world behind pioneers @progressivechef

Here's @bitrocker2020 making the momentous official announcement of the news! There's gonna be more details, updates and future works on The Big Hug Initiative on my blog in days to come. I'm really excited for this but know that a lot of challenges lies ahead. However, I'm determined to make spending in STEEM a reality!

All in all it looked like everyone had fun and for the most part, happy meeting each other in person for the first time. Here's to many more great things from all of us at #teammalaysia as we continue to grow and blog!

And to everyone who wanted to come but couldn't, we wished you were here with us!

Now... time for some meds and head to bed ~~~~~


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Your burger look nyummyyy..😍😍😍
I wish I can bite it..😩😩😩

lovely! I hope our city steemians would unite and do this in the future


Make it happen! Wishing you all the best :D

very good compactness, hopefully successful @danielwong.


Thanks thanks!

Thank you for allowing #teammalaysia to use your 'home' for our official event! To many more great events to come!


It shall soon be the #teammalaysia learning and earning hub XD


That, I totally will agree!

You just wrote your self in Steemit playbook history.


high five

Aw! That explains you were kind of quiet and looked tired at the counter!
Nevertheless, your kitchen team did a great job serving all us hungry and chatty steem-ians!

I truly appreciate seeing your kitchen team worked so hard to make sure everyone who placed their orders have their food delivered.

Soon they should have their own steemit account, ya?

Get well soon! Plenty of water, meds and rest indeed! I need to pump in some vit C too!

I must say despite of the rain, it was good to have such cooling weather in KL for once.

Get well soon!


Good job @danielwong and fellow organizers of #teammalaysia. I know how sick you are, despite trying to give you the appropriate medicine to relieve you a bit. Now bless you with complete healing and good rest <3

nice place and nice burger

You guys look like such a fun team. You guys are actually going beyond just writing and building such a great community. Go Team Malaysia.

The food was good~! Thank you for opening up your place for the gathering! I will definitely come back to try the rest of the burger on the menu :D

Thanks for hosting us and your burgers are delicious ! @maverickfoo, his kid and myself will come again :) on our own haha

This is amazing! Team Canada needs to get their act together so I can go to something like this. Very impressive and inspiring. Thank you for sharing @danielwong!

The food was amazing! Get well soon, @danielwong!

@danielwong love the place and the burger! My kids enjoyed too thank goodness for the kids corner.

Wow this is impressive @danielwong!! Big Hug Burger, as a business to get involved with cryptocurrency.. baby steps but definitely great choice for the long run!! Bravo!!


Yep! Lets see where it takes us! :D

Amazing guys! Thank you for sharing :)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the awesome yummilicious burger! Gonna go back from more!🍔🍔🍔🍴
And your salad is yummilicious too!!!
Rest well and speedy recovery! 💗💕❤️💖♨️🐳

Good job @danielwong for hosting and launching STEEM transaction in BHB! First ever in Malaysia! Wohoo so proud of you. Jia you jia you! 💪

Wanna give you and your kitchen team a big upvote! Thank you for accommodating us with one of the best burgers in town. I was having Mario's beef and it was mind-blowing. Surely my wife will gonna love that too.. Will be visiting Big Hug again very soon with my family..

The one and only vege was worth the shot! Loved it!!!!

Team malaysia ride on

It was great meeting up with you @danielwong. Good food too!

Didnt know that you own Big Hug Burgers before this. Haha. Was really surprised to know that Big Hug is accepting Steem and SBD while reading the post of fundurian yesterday. ( I was assuming that the boss of Big Hug starting to accept crypto just after a steemit gathering takes place there LOL).
On a side note, your soft shell crab burgers are yummy! (I went there a few times during university time haha).


Oh wonderful! Yep yep we've starting accepting STEEM from yesterday :D

Hope to see you again soon then :D

You did a great job. You are a leader. The people are following you. Keep up the good work. You are influenceing many people.👍

Hey cool selfie mate! I'll be coming over for lunch some time this month :)

Thanks for hosting us @danielwong despite being down with flu and all. I am glad you were personally there with your midas touch to ensure everyone was well fed and enjoyed their meal. And kudos to you for taking the lead in accepting Steem as a mode of payment. I believe many more restaurants and F&B outlets will do so in time to come. Upvoted

Thanks so much for the wonderful burgers, man! Will definitely be back!

you're awesome at remembering names, especially mine HAHA! Not my Steemit username but my real name, I am very surprised!
Thank you so much for the burgers and to be the one taking orders from each of us! You're so sincere with what you can offer to us!

Kinda sad that I had to leave early, but it's nice to see everyone's smile in the group photo!

@danielwong Not sure if I'm late here. But the event was a blast! Thanks for hosting us at Big Hug!