No Free Speech on YouTube Update - Banned Completely From Youtube & #TitusFrost Deleted. #BanWords

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I have been Completely Banned from Even Signing into YouTube #BanWords

deleted from youtube.jpg

This is what I get when I try to sign into Youtube. They have completely suspended me from using the platform AT ALL. How long for? I can't say. However I knew this was going to happen for a long time, I speak my mind and I am too independent for the powers that be. So I have been axed. They deleted my Titus Frost YouTube channel completely, hundreds of videos, millions of views, thousands of hours of work gone. Hard evidence against the powers that should not be gone. Memory holed.


Well I guess my video career will be on Dtube and Bitchute exclusively from now on. I am just not allowed on YouTube at all.

As for my YouTube career it was fun while it lasted, I was censored from the get go to the very end. I am now free to make videos the way I want on real platforms. I am not even going to try and join the youtube bs again, its not worth my time.

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You should've known better than to use dangerous words! #BanAllTheWords

Great news Bruv! Highly rEsteemed!
Now you're FREE to get down to real business.
I'd take 5000 Steem followers over 50,000 YouTube Muggs...


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Alex was smart he set up an independent site. I may not agree with him all the time but he is spot on with censorship of the net😁

Yes! And now WE are ALL Independents!!!

Hopefully this kind of freedom will spread like the flu ;-)


so sad have appeal for it ? youtube implement many rules and regulation! better to use dtube no baning no strike !
fack of youtube and use dtube for videos! hope your videos well be uploded on dtube i fan of you


This is Soo Wrong. -_-
anyway, will see you on Dtube.

The transition for all will be bitter sweet. There are upcoming alternatives and the sooner YouTube becomes irrelevant the better.

Google is the most corrupt company ever! That don’t just censer
That claim not to in many cases are use algorithms to do it in a fraudulent corrupt way! YouTube was doomed the day google purchased them!
The future is here!

I am so sorry this is happening to all of us. It totally sucks! I followed you on here and bitchute, please follow me back on both, I would really appreciate it. Love your work! Thanks, Katie G

Fuck the thought police brother. Although it is possible to reach more people through YouTube at the moment, more and more are coming to the truth that there is a huge criminal element running the world through violent force. I hate that you lost all of your work on there, but we could really use you on Steemit and Dtube. You can rebuild it better than before...

It's happening to a lot of users as I'm sure you're aware. What video's did they single out as causing the ban? I'm hearing that many are on the grounds of 'bullying' which seems to be in relation to users who may be commenting on 'false flags', pretty interesting timing given what is happening. Next up will some re-interpretation of that nonsense Mr. Israel was pushing for in regards to locking up people perceived to have mental health issues portrayed via their social media posts.
See posts from Richie Allen (prominent UK indie broadcaster) on the subject

This is complete bullshit! I had a video of yours ready to watch when I got home from work and all of the sudden its terminated! For what?! Because you don't abide by their liberal fascist BS?!?! Keep going man, I'll make a dtube account to keep watching your material.


I throw this hashtag around on twitter, picked it up from when crrow777 got his youtube ban.

Had to make a Steemit account for this occasion cant miss ur shows brotha Dtube it is.

That's brutal! Sorry to hear that @titusfrost

Curated for #informationwar (by @truthforce)
Relevance: Exposing Youtube Censorship
Our Purpose

The hand is sqeezing folks lately...
Twitter and failbook and now youtube yet they defend the elsagate pedophiles and the other ones that run pizzashops in the comment section

Damn, that sucks. All your work just deleted by some capricious mention of a word or thought. Anyhow, hope people back up their videos especially the most important voices that are usually controversial and not the narrative the mainstreem is pushing on dtube or whatever.

YouTube is putting many obstacles in the way of youtubers more than anything when a payment is requested.
They put many new requirements to pay ...
Without a doubt, dtube is the one that is getting the big step at this moment.

Keep kicking ass Titus, we are taking the interwebz back, we dont need youtube.

Also is a great alternative to using goolag.

Its pathetic that we now live in a world where pedos are protected on platforms like youtube, but people who expose their sick crimes are silenced, slandered and harassed. What is it going to take for this bullshit to stop? When and where do YOU draw the line? How long will we allow scum to dictate what we say? I'm done with youtube. I'm finished supporting anything or anyone not willing to stand and fight these bastards. We are going to lose a lot more than freedom of speech, that's just step one. So fuck youtube and anyone else who wont stand up for our kids and our future. Hit them hard bro...

Craptube, oops I mean Youtube, killed their platform when they started demonetizing videos back in 2016. They really shot themselves in the foot when they required channels to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hrs of watch time to monetize.

I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I really enjoyed you rant on Goodman. It was much deserved.
They are coming after our 1st and 2nd Ammendments in full force. Now more than ever we need to band together and get the truth out there. I heard Antischool is filing a lawsuit against Google and YouTube.
Unfortunately I am unable to access dtube on my iPad. Hopefully they will correct this issue soon.
Congrats again on your new son!!

And dtube Is free and fun

Don't worry Brother..Just stand by your truth and honesty, few powers can suppress you but trust me You got God on your side..So keep doing your work..Bless n success

The more people google cuts off the more Dtube has to gain.

Let's hope google is engineering it's own demise.

impressed & great!


at least you have dtube?

Many users are not very happy with how YouTube classifies 'sensitive content' in its Restricted Mode.

This is how I feel about Facebook or is it "sleepbook" right now?

Anyway I will take this opportunity to thank you for your upvote yesterday which means a lot when you are a newbie like myself. I discovered this platform after following Luke from "This is a change". I love the journalism you are providing so yeah I will be following more of your Dtube content here. Screw youtube and their manipulative controlling deceitful platform. Im hoping dtube improves a bit more cos im right on that campaign to open people's eyes to getting away from the greedy brain numbing control freaks so embrace a new chapter even though right now I know id feel quite angry at first there is more of them than there is us we dont live in a world that's all evil we just live in a world that's mostly controlled by selfish greedy evil people and more of us good people are waking up to it and their fake ass currency slave system.

Thing is, once they have upset enough of us then more of us will be maybe more motivated to take action and educate others so im sure you will carry on going from strength to strength bro :)

Well welcome to steemit should try out some @dtube way better then youtube

Wow- so frightening that we knew this would happen. Time for an "old dog" to learn some new platforms.... I will always be with you until you have had enough and decide to leave and live you life. Stay strong , Titus you are an amazing man!

Poor YouTube, it’s killing itself😁

That really f'n bites...I can't image how pissed off you are right now...

You are here with us and that makes me so happy❤️

The only thing that sucks about this is that steemit only pays you for 7 days.
If you're a minnow with few followers it is better to post somewhere else meaningful content until you get some whales to vote for you.

Now there attacking everyone here for free speech too!

The STEEM community has your back as you transition into decentralized media full time

Youtube needs a mass migration AWAY from it. This is a CORPORATION. The fact that they can kill whichever channels they want already tells you they have weaponized social media.

I think we in the community should really start promoting our favorite channels to migrate from YT to Steemit or other decentalized platforms.

Especially in the CT communities. We all know corporations are controlling social engineering, so we should be the ones leading the way to better places.

It doesn't have to be over night though. Keep the YT channel up for a while and promote the better content on here or even BitChute.

People WILL start leaving YT and it will be better for all. They can keep their silly cat videos and teen pop artists. Those people wouldn't want to see real information anyway.

I was so disappointed to see you removed from youtube as i enjoyed all your videos especially spittin truth,but to make it even worse ,i noticed that nearly all the people that i was subscribed to had been removed,all at the same time ,i was furious ,its obvious there trying to get rid of the shepherds,there afraid of the truth its a threat to them .If it wasn't so expensive ,i would suggest that you and all the other truth seekers come together and sue youtube for wrongful censorship and donations from a petition,well maybe that's a bit to much.I hope to see spitting truth on steemit .take care.x