Tips to Eliminate Face Wrinkles with Coconut

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Age increases, facial skin grows older. Then aging comes with a shrinking face. This is already common. facial wrinkles or wrinkles is one of the signs of premature aging. And premature aging is becoming one of the things that women hate. There are many things we can do to avoid or at least reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face. But if you want to look more youthful, you can use a cream that has been trusted. But it would be nice to use the way of natural ingredients. In addition to not spending much money, side effects are small. Here's how to remove wrinkles on the face naturally with coconut

Here are tips on removing facial wrinkles with coconut:

Ingredients :
1 old coconut
1 Lt of clean water
How to make :
Grate coconut, mix with water little by little then squeeze and grab the coconut milk
Heat the coconut milk over the stove continuously for 5 hours while continuously stirring
Water and oil will be separated, until finally the water will evaporate until it runs out
The remaining oil and blando, then strain the oil and keep it in a clean and sterile glass bottle
Use oil as a lotion for the face and lalukan at night
Such is the article of women about tips to remove facial wrinkles with coconut.
Hopefully useful and good luck.

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