tips on growing hair quickly

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Hair is the crown of man. Where should always get more care. Hair on the head can also affect the appearance of a person, if you are beautiful then it can be more beautiful again and if you are handsome then more handsome again. I'm sure every woman wants hair that is thick, black, and certainly healthy. To get it actually is not difficult, you can use a variety of natural ingredients such as using eggs, coconut milk, olive oil, and much more.
Apparently the hair problem is very much, hair loss is severe and eventually experience baldness is one of the problems experienced by some women. more women experience hair loss due to the side effects of various chemicals from hair care activities that do. If hair loss is left alone it will obviously be a problem in the future.

Here's how to grow your hair with some ingredients that have content with a fast ability.
Coconut oil

Dandruff can block hair growth. To get rid of dandruff and hair grow faster, you can rub the coconut oil on the scalp to the hair. Make sure all the hair roots are exposed to coconut oil. If this process is done every day, then within 15 days, dandruff will disappear and will get a strong root hair, so that hair growth can be faster.

Coconut milk

One of the most popular techniques used to promote hair growth is the application of coconut milk to the scalp. Apply 300 to 500 ml of coconut milk to the scalp and hair, cover the hair with a warm towel and let stand for 15 to 20 minutes. Then rinse with cold water. By doing this treatment, the hair will also become softer and shiny. When done regularly, can be seen a significant result in hair growth. Do this steps three to four times in a week.

Olive oil

A useful product that can be found in almost any kitchen is olive oil. Olive oil not only improves the hair growth process, but also can nourish the condition of your scalp. Drop four to five drops of olive oil after shampooing, then massage the scalp. Instead, do at night so that oil content is absorbed on the scalp. In the morning, wash your hair thoroughly.


Another way to grow hair is with egg yolk. Apply yolk on the hair and scalp. Then, massage the scalp for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, wash your hair thoroughly by using shampoo, so as not to leave a fishy aroma to the hair. It's good, do this process three to four times a week.

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