How to Overcome Whitish Naturally

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Whitish or also called Fluor Albus is a vaginal secretion in women. Whitish can basically be classified into two groups of normal whiteness (physiological) and abnormal whiteness (pathological).

Physiological leucorrhoea is usually occurring during fertile and menstrual periods. Characteristic, fluid that comes out dilute, cream or clear, and odorless and the amount is small. This type of whitish is normal whiteness in every woman.
Pathological vaginal discharge can be caused by an infection usually accompanied by an itching inside the vagina and around the outer vaginal lips. Which often lead to whiteness, among others, bacteria, fungi, viruses or also parasites. This infection can spread and cause inflammation into the urethra, causing pain when the patient urinates. Now a vaginal discharge is a pathological vaginal discharge.
Sometimes women think whiteness is a symptom of spele, but whiteness can not be said lightly, because the result of this whiteness itself is able to cause infertility and pregnant outside the womb. Leucorrhoea can also be an early sign of a deadly disease such as cervical cancer.

Common Whitish Causes:
Rinse the vagina from the wrong direction. That is from toward the anus toward the front of the vagina
Less keep the vagina clean
Use any soap to wash the vagina
Living in the humid tropics
Do not replace panty liner
Frequent exchanging underwear / towel with others
Extremely tiredness
Not immediately replace the pads during menstruation
Symptoms of a particular disease
Often use tissue when washing the femininity, after urination or defecation
Frequent use of dirty public WC
Often changing partners in sex
Often scratching the vagina
Hormonal imbalance
Damage to the biological balance and acidity (ph) of the vaginal environment.
Wear strict underwear from synthetic materials
Do not live a healthy lifestyle (eat irregularly, never exercise, sleep less)
The sanitary environment is dirty. often to take a bath with warm water. Mushrooms that cause whitish are more likely to grow in warm conditions.
High blood sugar levels
Traditional Medicine for Whitish
Pathological whiteness should be treated because it is very disturbing. Here is how to treat vaginal discharge with natural ingredients:

Betel leaf

Betel leaf is believed to reduce the itching and odor when whitish. Way, soak the betel leaf for an hour in hot water, then let stand until cool. After that, use the water to clean the vaginal area. Do it every day, morning, and evening.

Foods that contain Probiotics

Probiotics naturally have healthy bacteria, which maintain health in your gut and vaginal tract, and are responsible for reducing the infection or overgrowth of the bad bacteria. Probiotics such as L. acidophilus, have shown positive results in promoting healthy bacteria in the vagina.

Mango seeds

Jam fruit can be eaten, the seeds of mango fruit is potent to treat leucorrhoea. Dry and milled the mango seeds for powder. Add some of this powdered water to make a fine paste, apply this paste outside and inside the vaginal canal to treat vaginal discharge.

Spinach roots

Spinach roots have antibacterial properties that help in treating infections. Compounds on the roots of spinach are helpful in healing reproductive organs. Drink twice a day, morning and afternoon for better results. Spinach leaves and branches can also be added to boiling water at the time of manufacture.


Garlic has a prominent history as a natural remedy. Garlic is quite popular because it has antibiotic properties. In accordance with the findings of M. Melvin Joe, in the Journal of Medicinal Plant Research from The University of Maryland Medical Center or UMMC, recommend to take garlic as a supplement and use garlic extract as much as 400 mg, two or three times daily. It can be used instead of antibiotics to treat bacteria in the vagina. But UMMC warns that garlic may have a blood-thinning effect, so you should talk to your doctor before using this herb.


Provide 20 grams of turmeric that is cut into pieces and washed clean, 10 grams of dried leaves sambiloto, and 15 grams of dried pomegranate skin. Then the ingredients are boiled with 800 cc of water, and leave only 300 cc of boiling water. Strain and consume 2 times a day, you can add palm sugar or honey to give flavor.

The skin of fig trees and banyan trees

Used as a spray for the vaginal canal made from decoction of banyan skin and fig tree which is effective in treating whiteness. One tablespoon of each of the two skin powders should be boiled in one liter of water until it is reduced by half. Spray or pepper with a warm water stew will keep the vaginal canal healthy.

Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds are a very useful home remedy for whitish. Soak the seeds in the water overnight. Strain and drink this water the next day on an empty stomach. This can be done for at least one week for better results.

Natural Ways to Treat Whitish

In addition to the above methods, treat vaginal discharge can also be done with the following natural ingredients:
Apply a ripe mango pulp to the vaginal area and leave for a while, before rinsing with water.
Eat one or two ripe bananas daily on a regular basis
Drink a glass of fresh cranberry juice, preferably without sugar, once a day
Consume spices such as, ginger, galangal, etc. When consuming these foods preferably in raw form, or steamed briefly
Clean the vaginal area with lemon juice and water
The leaves of young kasingsat steamed, then eaten as vegetables
Boil 30 grams of sunflower root in 4 cups water until remaining 2 cups. drink the water twice a day
Just like other traditional treatments, treatment for vaginal discharge should also be done regularly and regularly. Good luck and keep your health

Similarly, some recipes how to overcome leucorrhoea in women.
Good luck and always keep your health.

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