12 Tips to Prevent and Treat Breast Cancer

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Everyone knows if breasts are one of the most important and most valuable parts that is a part of beauty in every woman. Symptoms of benign or malignant breast tumors will certainly be a very scary thing for everyone, especially for women Who become worried is what happens if the part is attacked by tumor or indicated symptoms of breast cancer, may be harmless or malignant and dangerous even to cause death . Breast cancer is a very dangerous disease especially for women because this disease is generally suffered by women and is one of the highest causes of death in the world.

Breast cancer is a cancer of the breast tissue. Cancer is a common type of cancer suffered by women, but did not rule out men also suffered from breast cancer. Treatment of breast cancer is usually surgical and if necessary continue with chemotherapy or radiation.

When a person is exposed to breast cancer is usually due to unhealthy lifestyles, unhealthy eating patterns, lack of exercise and could also be due to hereditary factors.

Likewise for cancer, prevent cancer is much better than treating it. To prevent cancer, knowledge of what causes cancer is required so that we can avoid or prevent the possibility of the roots of cancer.
Symptoms of Breast Cancer
Here are the symptoms of breast cancer that you should know and immediately prevented to cope with the possibility of a higher stage:
The shape of the nipple changes, for example the nipple conical.
Bumps appear on the breast, if there is a lump in the breast you should immediately check it to a specialist doctor related.
Small lumps arise in the armpit area either left or right.
The release of blood, pus, or dilute fluids through the nipples regularly.
Changes in the skin of the breast, the skin begins to pursed like an orange peel.
The shape, size, and structure of the breast differ greatly from one to the other.

The above symptoms are common symptoms that occur as early signs of breast cancer. Well how about the precautions?

Here will be presented also Some ways to prevent breast cancer.
Avoid Fast Food
Fast food contains a lot of fat that is not good for health, including breast health. Breast cancer is triggered by various chemicals present in unhealthy foods.
Wear Bra Properly
Use a bra in accordance with breast size, do not use a bra that is too tight because it can trigger breast cancer. When you sleep try not to wear a bra because during this long sleeping conditions the breast requires adequate blood circulation.
Steer clear of alcohol
Since long alcohol is often referred to as the cause of cancer. To prevent cancer, avoiding alcohol consumption is the right step.
Avoid food with dye
Many foods today are mixed with dyes to make them look attractive. Though the content of dye substance is very dangerous for the body and can trigger cancer. To prevent cancer, you should try to avoid foods that use dye. Foods that use dye can be known from the color of food that looks much more attractive than the original color.
Routine sports
Exercising is a good way to prevent cancer. Because when exercising, the fat in the body will burn and speed up metabolism. It will prevent cancer. It does not have to be a tough sport. Mild exercise such as a healthy walk or jog can help prevent cancer.
Consumption of vitamins A, C, and E
Vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E contain antioxidants that are very useful to prevent cancer.
Healthy sex behavior
Not changing partners in sex is also a surefire way to prevent cancer because the onset of cancer is also possible due to unhealthy sexual behavior.
Avoid fatty foods
Fat causes many problems in the body. Included as a trigger cancer. To prevent cancer, avoid high-fat foods.
Eat fiber-rich foods
Fruits and vegetables are fiber-rich foods. Increase consumption of these foods is very good to prevent cancer.
Checking the risks due to heredity
One cause of cancer comes from heredity. If there is a parent or relative who has cancer, it is very likely that the cancer also attacks other family members. For that knowing whether or not a family member who had cancer is very important as an effort to prevent cancer.
Avoid smoked and burned foods
Other cancers are smoked, burned, or acidified foods. Examples such as smoked fish or food beracar. These foods are at risk of causing cancer. Therefore, avoiding or reducing the frequency of eating these foods becomes a necessity to prevent cancer.
Avoid smoking
Like alcohol, cigarettes are also a source of various diseases, including cancer. Leaving smoking or trying to stay away from people who are smoking is a good attempt to prevent cancer.

Thus a woman article about 12 tips to prevent and treat breast cancer.


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