What You Shouldn't Do When You're New To Steem

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When you're new to Steem, there are a few things you might want to stay away from doing.

Vote Begging

Many of us that started for the first time had gone through it. It can be really exciting and you can be mind blown by the fact that you can make money blogging. You want to make a lot and get on Steemit.chat or on Discord and start putting your link to your post everywhere you can and even directly message users your link...


It can come off as begging for a vote when you do this. Not even conversating or just saying hello, then posting your link. It's like saying "give me money." You may get a vote but more than likely, you'll just be ignored. It can take some time to make the amount you see others making. Try and build a relationship with other Steemians and start having a conversation first when you message someone. You will eventually find some support.

Complaining About How Much Some Posts Are Making.

It can happen a lot when you see a post and not much is there but you see how big the payout will be for the post. You might feel it's "over-rewarded" or that it's a "shit post" and that it's not "quality" content. You may want to complain how a post doesn't deserve that kind of reward but try to refrain from doing so.

Sure there are cases where it really does call for a complaint, but there usually someone with a large stake that supports particular users. If you really feel that a post doesn't deserve that reward, then just downvote(flag) it. You have to remember if you want more influence on how the rewards are distributed from the reward pool, you'll need to invest in STEEM to have any kind of impact and also keep in mind you could start a "flag war."

Copy Pasta

Since Steem is something new and exciting, there are some when they first join on Steemit think they will try and just copy and paste an article or any picture from another site and play it off as their own work. This happens all over the web and also on Steemit, but this is also considered plagiarism. This is something people take seriously because if you are making a ton of money on here from someone else's work, that can get the attention of the original content creator and others in a negative way. You will probably even get caught by the @cheetah bot.

This does not always mean someone has plagiarized. Someone could just be quoting from another article or sharing something to that can help with the post. Site your sources or create original content, that will usually help you get more votes.

I Only Vote for Me, Myself, and I

Now there is nothing really against this because you should be able to use your stake how you want to. You are trying to get noticed and upvoting yourself can help a bit. Hard Fork (HF) 19 increased the voting power and became 4x larger. There has been a bit of an increase in self-voting but if you ONLY vote for yourself and no one else, eventually either you'll get flagged or just not gain support. In the long run, it's more beneficial to share the rewards with others on this platform.

You might ask, why don't the developers just make it so we can't upvote ourselves? Well, even if this was done, users could create another account and use that to vote their own posts and comments. The reality is, it is not really an issue because it's something that can't be prevented.

Follow Me, Follow You

This can be similar to vote begging. Instead of asking for a vote, this is asking for a follow. You may see this around in comments like "follow for follow" or "I just upvoted and followed you, upvote and follow me back." This can be a little annoying to Steemians who are looking to read a thoughtful comment relating to their post.

It is understandable that you want to grow your followers but it is best to avoid doing it this way. Think about actually interacting with other Steemians and leave a more thoughtful and engaging comment.

Scam Artist

This should be self-explanatory but some people can't help being greedy. If you're thinking of running some type of scheme to earn a lot of money on here and run away with it, don't. This is not only hurting you but this would also hurt others on this platform.

There already have been a few occasions this has happened and the community is clamping down on scams. Obviously, this will hurt your reputation and the ability to have success on this platform.

Quit Your Day Job

Some of you might get too excited and have high expectations. Some of you might even find early success and earn more than what you are earning at your current job and decide to quit and Steem full-time. If you have the means to do so and have future and backup plans, then that is for you to decide.

You can't expect to always earn the same amount or more. Things can change and if it doesn't work out the way you want it to, it can come back to bite you in the end. Have a plan and do your due diligence.

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Upvoted and followed, thanks for the advice! I'm fairly new (couple weeks) and just invested in some STEEM so I could get above 500 STEEM POWER and get the upvote slider. Still learning the ropes, appreciate any additional pointers!

thanks for this great awareness..i really appreciate it though i am relatively new here

Thanks. That's great you invested in some STEEM! Steem on!

Don't even think about it!!!

haha this was funny :P

Wonderful advice. I loaded my account with quite a bit of money from my STEEM investment and now I've noticed I get many more people either following or commenting just asking for upvotes. I'll give an upvote it you give a good comment, I can be generous...but I want an interaction, not a beg.

Yes, it can get quite annoying just getting a link and no comment. It might as well be saying "give me money."

Yes ! Do not beg and try your best to post something interesting that actually has value to others.

Thanks for info, still totally fresh on this platform so any advice is appreciated. I am kinda wondering though, what do you guys think about using upvoting profiles like randowhale? Is it something that could hurt your reputation or just a sensible promotion service?

Thanks ! Upvoting and resteeming

Thanks for the comment.

As for the randowhale type of services. It's not something that can hurt your reputation. If you want to pay for a vote, then go ahead. This is something that can't be prevented. I personally like the challenge of creating something that others see of value and not have to pay someone to say it is.

I was thinking about it more as something that makes my posts appear to more people thanks to the upvote from randowhale.

Thanks for answer|!

Great points for newbies and infact, also for those who have been Steeming for a while... We can not progress if we complain and whimper seeing others succeed. We can progress by executing ideas, taking inspiration and keeping thoughts original!

Thanks for the great comment! Exactly right!

All good points @bitcoinparadise... I just hope some of the people who most needs to see this will read it and pay attention!

I hope so too! I don't have to tell you how important it is to read and pay attention ;)

First article I've read on here. I figured I might as well read as much as I can before really getting going. I appreciate this list because there is some sound advice especially the spamming your link/ beging for upvotes, no one wants to be constantly barraged with links to things. Write interesting content and the rest will follow. Thanks for your insite

Yes. Since this platform involves money, it's like begging for money... That's why interacting with others on Steemit and leaving thoughtful comments will help with getting some votes. Thank you for your comment :)

This was a very useful and well written post overall, thanks for taking the time to put this together. Upvoted (and was already following)!

Thank you very much. I appreciate the kind words. It did take me some time to put this together but well worth it to help others.

Great tips! Hope a lot of new users catch this one. Would help to cut down on some of the annoying behaviors you described.

I know right? Thank you. Ugh, I keep missing your posts. I'm sorry for that buddy. Been caught up with a lot lately.

No worries, I know how it is. I've been very busy myself and have missed a bunch of yours, but just went back and upvoted a few active ones :)

I've just now finally posted again for the first time in a while. I'm trying to help my friend raise funding for an NGO she started that works with impoverished children in the Philippines. There will be a lot more coming from me soon :)

Wow, thanks. I appreciate the support.

That sounds great. Going to check it out.

THe best post of the day 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Wait, spamming trending posts with your ICO is a bad idea? Who woulda' thunk it?!

I rarely ever flag things, but one today like that did get flagged.

As others have replied already, this was well written. Thanks for the good advice too!

Well, that really depends on the ones with the largest stake.

Thank you. I appreciate the comment.

Oh, I was just kidding around about a post on one of my posts by @topmusic about a True Flip ICO. They were posting all over today using a bot I would presume. I flagged it as spam though. Based on the account's reputation, I'm guessing a lot of people have done the same.

Are people quitting there jobs to steem though? That's crazy! I know some youtubers who came here who already didn't have jobs from their youtube channel, but to join steem with no following and quit ones job would be insane.

Oh yea, there was a couple that did it in the early days. Don't think they're still around through.

love your post and i do find it annoying when someone says hey i just followed you, follow me back. I mean come on, you just followed me, just because you wanted me to follow you back.

I know right? Like we're supposed to be obligated to follow back just because that person decided to follow us.

This a nice article i must confess i am guilty of the "give me an upvote stuff" but it is because i dont actually know the way the system works. I joined june 2016 and i was not serious until two weeks ago Now that i have read this i will just try to be creative and post useful materials. Thanks for the write up.

Don't worry, many of us are guilty of it including me in the beginning. Takes time to learn and you'll get there. It's important to interact with others and build a relationship.

You can join one of the many communities on Discord like the one you see at the bottom of my post or Steemit.chat where there are post-promotion channels that are specifically for sharing your posts. Other than that, just get out there and build a following with your content you produce. You may find support fast or it may take time. The main thing is to keep at it and build your brand on this platform.

Thank you bro

Thank you. This was a big help.

Glad it was helpful. Steem on :)

Puting some money on Steem power would help also. :)

Yes of course but this post was about what you shouldn't do. I did also mention in this post to invest in STEEM to have more of an influence on the platform.

Hmmmn, did I fall in one of the category?! Lesson to be learnt by many. Be an originator; leadership is good.

It's okay, many of us went through some of this in the very beginning. I know I did.

So much to learn. Thanks for the tips!

Just keep Steemin' and you'll get the hang of things :)

Just got the hang ;)

that's good to know this is gold for beginners thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

Thank you. There's a bit of a learning curve to Steem and I'm just trying to help.

good advice -- i like to do it my way and earn my way up

Nice, Keep Steemin' on!

great post, I am new to steemit and this is some great advice. Thanks

HolySmoke! Good advice to be sure...

Thank you. Just trying to help :)

true upvoted @bitcoinparadise visit my wall when you free thanks alot have a nice day

Thank you! I am brand new to Steem. I'll take all the tips I can get.

Great! Welcome to Steem!

Yes, these tips will help you avoid some of the negatives.

Thanks for the advice! I am new here.. so I just keep reading and educate myself how..


Yea, there's a bit of a learning curve but in time you'll get the hang of things. Don't be afraid to start blogging. That can help with interacting with the community :)

The upvoting of yourself. Are you talking about when you first post...or something else?

I'm talking about voting yourself and ONLY yourself and no one else or just a couple others. It's fine to vote yourself but if that's the only voting you're doing, it won't benefit you in the long run. You'll just come off greedy if you don't spread the rewards.

Very good advice... i am new and in the beginning you have to find your way, thats for sure :) Thx!

I Found you in steemit map

I do agree on unfair payout and upvote I see a lot of post with good content but are undervalued. Like they say it not the no. of follower that count but the no. of Whale vote you get. Even if the post is just a copy paste.

is this very comment mining for steem? or no?

I don't understand.

I've been looking for an article like this! Thanks so much!

I'm glad you like it. Thanks :)

Great advice.

thanks for this post... i really do appreciate though i am relatively new here

looking forward to know you more and have a good relationship with you

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