Biddle's Steemit Tips For Beginners - Advice About Inflammatory Content

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As a Steemit Author, there are a many approaches to gathering a following. One is to leave the majority of politics out of it (except support for crypto - you better get onboard there! haha) and provide non-political posts to your audience. That said, if you feel strongly about certain issues, that may be something you want to write about, which is also perfectly okay. Something to keep in mind is that, if you do choose to write about controversial issues and take a specific side, especially an unpopular one, you risk alienating some of your audience. That said, it can also gain you a devoted following who agrees with your opinion on the matter. It is up to you as a Steemit contributor to make the decision about what kind of page you want to have. I'm writing this article so that you aren't in the dark about this nuance.

If you choose to be inflammatory, my advice is to be respectful about your opinion. I understand that certain political issues are easy to get extremely passionate about and that passion can cause passionate action, such as anger, etc., so there may be times where being respectful may get lost in an argument, but it can go miles. If you disagree with someone, a respectful tone of writing will make an open line of communication easier. An open, respectful, logical line of communication will keep the trolls away, will win you the respect of your peers, and will show a composure that many lack that will set you apart from other contributors.

As a personal preference, I post a majority of apolitical content, but when I do post something political, it tends to be in a respectful way and I make it a priority to welcome respectful disagreement and open debate about the topic. I think that kind of back and forth is the only way a middle ground can ever be found on an issue and is the only way to affect real change. The donkey braying technique (imho), doesn't really make people listen. I challenge and encourage any new author with political content in mind as a main topic for their page to take that respectful, open approach to tackling their topics. This will make Steemit a more attractive place to newcomers and will make your page a welcome part of this groundbreaking Social Media Platform.



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Interesting post, but I would rather think of Steemit as a place where we can freely express what we want. if people like it, they upvote you, if not, they don't, or even flag you.
I think steemit is the perfect venue for honest debate, mainly because Facebook and Twitter are censoring people for wrongthink. (sigh) We just need to be honest with each other and not devolve into extreme speech.
But, that's just my .001 steem.


Hey, AMEN TO THAT! I fully support free expression and want every opinion to be heard! I just have a personal preference for respectful presentation of that opinion! :) I think being respectful promotes free expression, since people don't feel like they will be attacked if they disagree with you! Honest debate is the best stochastic process for better policy, imo! :)


This is an excellent post about a significant point. (And a fine Reply to the Comment.)

While everyone agrees that we are free to express what we want to, we should always keep in mind that it's important to be civil and respectful.

If we express ourselves indiscriminately, we will most likely offend certain people. Or course, that should not be the standard by which we decide what to say, but we should take it into account.

If you go into a bar or a pub and start talking about Jesus, you'll be seen as a fanatic or a loony. Same goes for if you walk into a church and start saying the name "Allah" instead of the name "Jehovah." Same goes for if you went to a Trump rally and started shouting "Hillary."

Anyway, let's all shout "FREEDOM" together. And Full Steem Ahead.

"Civility costs nothing, and buys everything." - Mary Wortley Montagu


Love it.


I'll be using that quote going forward! Thanks for sharing those wise words! :)

So good to read this. It is possible to be interesting instead of closed minded and rude to others. I enjoyed this.

Thanks for the tip. I will keep it in mind


You're very welcome! :)

I like the way people seem positive here - not a bunch of angry posts using fake names!

Steemit is a global community, people have to think before posting a social or political problem because not everything is of global interest, many things are local, and in steemit there is no room for local issues.

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its not completely help full you should share more info sir


Hi @trumpnews, what kind of information are you looking for? :) I have a growing number of articles at and am always looking for suggestions for new information that my audience would like me to gather! :)

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So good to read this

Very cool article mate, interesting. :-)