10 benefits of apples

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Mother must have known this sweet fruit, yes it is apple the fruit has a red color with a watery solid texture has a very sweet taste, especially apples including fruit that does not look at the season, with another fruit jata that grows every month let alone with human intervention to make apple fruit will easily grow.

But know mother that many red apples we encounter is an apple import, as we know apple import is certainly mengandunga many pengwet, just imagine the apple fruit consumption is the fruit of imports that have been picked for months in the country of origin before ahirnya to the hands Consumers are certain that the apple has taken a long time, in a reasonable way it would have been rotten if not given additional preservatives.

Therefore we strongly recommend the mother better buy local apples, which we think local apples are sweeter with a strong sour taste compared with imported apples, where apple imports are usually containers Hologram imported goods, local apples are not much contain preservatives will certainly be an attractive option not for Mother of All.

Apple also has many excellent benefits for the human body, even buddy who is dieting is strongly recommended ya eat apples, some diet tips also biasnaya replace heavy foods such as rice and bread by using fruits such as Apples, Apple fruit that has not been cooked have bnayak benefits loh curious ?. Here are 10 Benefits of Apples For Health And Nutritional Content.
10 benefits of apples
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  1. Reduce the Risk of Respiratory Disorders
    One of the benefits of apples for health is to reduce reskio respiratory disorders, which by apple is believed to reduce the risk of respiratory disturbance in young children and also pregnant women.

  2. Health of Oral and Dental Cavities
    When consuming apples by directly chewing it will stimulate the production of saliva to cleanse the oral cavity. In addition tannin substances contained in the apple, where this tannin terkennung will clean the plaques in the teeth.

  3. Bone Protection
    Kandunga flavonoid (phloridzin) which is found in apples is believed to provide good protection of human bones, especially in the problem of Osteoporosis in women during the monopouse, the presence of boron in the apple is also believed to provide good protection of bone.

  4. Controlling Blood Sugar
    The next apple fruit benefits are the presence of Galacturonic acid supplied apples to decrease the body's performance in releasing the hormone insulin in other words very suitable ddikonsumsi by patients with diabetes history of the family in order not to get serious.

  5. Treating And Preventing Cancer
    In a study of triterpenoids compound compound in apple skin is able to fight some cancer cells, known to inhibit cancer cells that cause symptoms of breast cancer, liver and colon cancer symptoms.

  6. Brain Health
    Apple is believed to be able to provide more protection to cells of Neurons that can prevent oxidative stress caused by neurotoxisting that plays a role in risk-taking such as Alzheimer's disease.

  7. Prevent Parkinson's Disease
    The Benefits of Apple Fruits Selanjtunya is for Parkinson's, where the presence of antioxidants in fruits that have high fiber is believed to be able to prevent the risk of some diseases, especially Parkinson's disease.


  1. Lowering Cholesterol
    According to some research, soluble fiber found in apples can bind fat in the intestine, which translates in its function to lower high cholesterol levels in our body, therefore to prevent or to lower cholesterol often consume apple fruit.

  2. Heart Health.
    Consuming Apple is also rumored to be heart healthy, this is because the compounds found in the skin of apples also prevent the cholesterol that enters the system and strengthens the arterial wall. When plaque builds up in the arteries it reduces blood flow to the heart, which will have a positive impact on the body.

  3. Prevent Gallstones.
    As you know Gallstones are formed when there is too much cholesterol in our bile, it makes it tend to harden. To prevent gallstones, doctors recommend a diet high in fiber to help you control cholesterol levels in the body. apples can be the right answer as we know apples have a lot of fiber content.
    Manfaat Buah Apel Untuk Kesehatan.jpg

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