Twitter Tipit Campaigns AND Steemit Communities... two great pieces of NEWS. Perfect for NewsDAC hashtag NEWS . RIght now you can already earn INFOWARS by using #INFOWARS hashtag

in #tipitlast year


These two pieces of news are so powerful, tipit enabled camapigsn and steemit enables communities

I want to help use this to promote @newsdac so go buy NEWS tokens so we can afford to buy Staking SCOT and Nitrous and have a NEWS website for crypto general news where we would upvote anyone using #news hashtag


We already have INFOWARS with Staking and SCOT, and I have 1000 ENG already pledged to enabled to enable nitrous and i have purchased multiple domains including and and all of which can be used for INFOWARS and NEWS token. NewsDAC will be perfect for promoting DPOS and steem engine as a general decentralized Decentralized autonomous COmmunity for Crypto news where WE can have the best authors NOT Coin telegraph and Coindesk etc... WE can have the best artists making illustrations.


There is a lot being developed which is getting really confusing.

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