Tiny House Milestone!

in tinyhouse •  5 months ago

For the past year, my husband and I (mostly my husband) have been building our tiny house from the trailer up!

We've been living in our house since last September, pretty much as soon as the walls went up.

While it has been a work in progress, and living in a house constantly under construction is not easy.. it has been a dream come true for us to be living in our very own space.

For a while, our electricity was an extension cord coming from the rental house and we've trekked back and forth from the back yard (where our tiny house is) to the "big house" (where our roommates live) to use the shower/ toilet.

We've had functioning electricity for a couple of months now and tonight was my very first time taking a shower in our home!!


To some, this might not seem like much, but for us this is huge♡


It's a still a work in progress, but every accomplishment is a step closer to a finished house! I am grateful and excited to continue sharing our tiny house dream come true!

To see a tour of the outside of our tiny house visit:


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