Escaping the Matrix with Steemit: Mining Altcoins and Blogging in My Solar Powered Tiny Home Explorer + Some cooking + Mystical Creatures (video)

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Here we go into the adventures of being a crypto anarchist in real life with this video. It's 25 minutes long, but I show a lot of fun stuff people might become inspired by to do themselves.

I have made many videos of my tiny home on wheels which is Steemit inspired and I've got it started to mine altcoins. This video shows the devices I have going so far mining altcoins on solar power. I've began with mining Monero with Minergate.

In this hit video you'll see I have my best bud with me, Daemon!

I do some cooking in the rain while I show the way things are hooked up tonight. This is a curry dish.

I'm going to be making milestone goals to be steem powered to travel in this thing, and will be documenting my travels and showing the beauty of the world - I'll start small, and we'll see how far it takes me.

Here's the video:

So far I need to make the milestone of getting some final touches in making sure things don'e leak - EVER. I also have a few minor improvements and find the best ways to survive and make this work, so I've began and will be living in it beginning now.

Here are some past videos you may like

I'll have to some time make these more an area of their own, but this is all growing into it's own thing - but I'm getting off the grid, but being super techy and anarcho-cryptonite so my videos are picking up:

All of your support with helping me be able to travel around, be creative, and blog on Steempower is very much appreciated!!!

Thanks for any upvotes/steem/reblogs/steem dollars/comments/follows!

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Nice place reminds me 0f watching "Tiny Houses". Nice survival tips ;)
Also, y0u may want to try I heard it was m0re profitable but I will try "MinerGate" as well to find out f0r myself.
Keep it up!

put your tiny house on a hull and it'd be a shanty-boat.

you are on minds now :-) Posted you in our " We Love Steemit "- group on Minds beta.

Thank you @lichtblick! Very much appreciated :)

You are welcome :-)

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Nice , great work and solar power is great stuff, especially for mining, literally free money, I also use minergate and i get a lot more if you install the apps on computer or phone, if its Android phone u can download the app, if you have a pc download the windows app, u get a lot more hashrate, i mean i cash out into my wallet the minimum everyday. Watch my videos posts. As keeping the phone on switch off the lock screen and timeout screen display settings.

Yeah, I use the app on my computers. The kindle doesn't accept the app. But I do need to try and install it on the android.
I've written a few additional things about Minero. I love it. I have it installed on a hand full of computers.

My Iphone allows me to keep the screen on, as well as the kindle fire, but this android phone I showed does not allow it. It's just cheap and doesn't have options. It may not matter once I try installing the app on it, though.

Thanks, @muks!!

Glad you mentioned installing the app on the android phone. I installed and the H/s is up to 6 H/s. So that's a huge difference compared to a little over 1. Wish I could install it on my iphone and kindle fire. However, I've got the app on three computers, and my workstation pulls 110 H/s CPU with 60 H/s GPU. Thanks, again!

Not bad for the set-up you have w0w I'm impressed! Do you believe that we can burn out our CPU's and 0r GPU's by keeping our computers running 24hrs a day? I'm new to mining and am thinking to give the computer some shut-down time 0nce a week maybe around 2 , 3hrs 0ff every Saturday. And I will have to place my computer(gaming) below my room windows to get this free cool winter breeze;)

To be honest on the powerful workstation that gets the most I don't use much for mining just because I don't know what it will do to them. So the computers I'm running which is a desktop and a laptop are mining all day every day, and they seem to be doing fine. But we'll see. ;)

I don't give my computers a break that I keep running. They don't seem to be getting hot, so so far I haven't, but it might be a good idea to do so. Not sure.

And also y0u state that y0ur c0in is '2004' but I believe it reads '2014' ;)

Yeah, you're right it's really 2014. :)
Got it mounted on the wall above the small window in clear casing. Fits great. I'll show it in the next video.
Thanks, @trads