Nefarious plot by a criminal mastermind?

in tinfoilhat •  5 months ago

So the person that crashed the entire block chain by trying to power down some insane amount the other day was named nijian which happens to be haijen spelled backwards. Is this a strange coincidence? A criminal mastermind at work? Or just Haijen just finding another way to rape the reward pool? Is this his new way to get around being flagged on 1 account by just creating another? It all seems pretty fishy to me. I also find it hilarious that you can lock up an entire blockchain by trying to make an over draft.

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Hi @horriblesteemian,

You got a $13.334 upvote from @ramta at the last minute before the payout. (18.98h) and this comment is to make everyone aware.

Please follow @abusereports for additional reports of potential reward pool abuse. Thank you.

you received an up vote from danlupi with voting power of 100.00%. Estimated dollar amount of $4.89