Crucial features and potential sources of income of a Tinder clone app

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With the evolution of smartphones, finding dates has become easier than before. There are several dating apps in the market that will help anyone find a perfect match. Once the user enters a few details about them, it will help them match their profile with a person of similar taste. With the advent of these apps, dating has become easy and safe.

Currently, Tinder is one of the well-established dating apps in the market. Inspired by the success of Tinder, many other business persons came forward to launch an app like Tinder. Since they wanted a cost-efficient solution, they went with the Tinder clone app available in the market.

How does a Tinder clone app yield profit?
The app has a few sources that will help the entrepreneur obtain good profit. Listed below are the ways with which they can earn revenue from the app:

Purchases done within the app:
You can offer a new font style, smileys, GIFs, and more at a nominal fee. Customers will purchase them if they find it attractive. This will be a good source of income.

Allow the customers to subscribe to packages or memberships and provide premium features to them. Offer a range of packages to choose from and provide rewards if they subscribe consistently.

Include ads in your app. You can also display promotions in the app during the loading time. You can partner with other brands and host their ads on your app. This will help you earn a fixed sum of money.

Matching strategies:
Users who do not want any limitations with regard to matching profiles can subscribe to packages that randomly match their profiles with other user’s profiles. The facility to chat with unmatched profiles is also available in the app.

Third-party services:
Services such as ticket booking, flower delivery, and more can be availed using the app itself. This will help the users go on a date without much arrangement and hassle.

Few vital features of the Tinder clone app:
The clone app has several attributes that make the customers lean towards the app for all their dating needs:

Voice and video messages:
While chatting, the users can send voice messages and video messages via the app. This will help them communicate more effectively.

Face recognition technology:
The app will be unlocked, or the in-app purchases can be made with face recognition. This feature is available considering the security aspect of the app.

Editing pictures:
Users can edit the pictures they send via this app using filters, stickers, and more.

No matter in what language you receive a message, it will be translated to a language of your choice using the in-app translators.

Multilingual app:
The app can be displayed in any language based on your preference. This will help everyone to use the app efficiently.

In-app verification:
For verification purposes, each user will be verified using an OTP method. The users will receive a unique code to their mobile numbers or email IDs, and they have to enter it in the app to complete the verification process.

End-to-end encryption:
The chat between two users is secured with the end-to-end encryption technique. So, the chat will remain between the two profiles and will not be accessible by a third person.

Go live:
There is a live streaming option available in the app that will let the users go live at any place and at any time.

To conclude:
To build an efficient and robust tinder clone app, cutting-edge technologies should be employed. It will help in providing good user experience to the users, and the customer base will increase. Build a tinder clone app with a suitable app development company and launch it in the market to develop your business.

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