WIP unfinished

in timmolloy •  6 months ago

This was one of the initial concepts /plans for a bunch of paintings that never saw the light of day. Over the course of the year I was preparing for my last artshow the focus shifted away from what was initially going to be a very Mr Unpronounceable centred exhibition.


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beautiful work, tim !!! your detailing and inking always blow me away * ___ *

cant wait to see this finished :D it is going to be (even more) AMAZING <3


Thanks very much, but I imagine this is as far as it's ever going to get!


b..but tim, it will look 204% more wonderfuller with your colours :O

I like it a lot. Great concept and full of precious details! Good work!


SO much detail!

I figgin love this! The line work is amazing. Cant wait to see it finished. Resteemed


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awesome thanks!

It doesn't look unfinished... It's awesome. I love the contrast of the coloured figure and the black and white.

Such elaborate and crazy details. Love it.


So lovecraftian. I love it.


YUUUUUUGE Lovecraft fan, me.


Me too. Have you read M. R. James? Lovecraft admired him and there is one tale that might be cthulhu first reference

Wow! So much going on, but it's still reading nicely. Very cool :)

I agree, it doesn't look unfinished it looks intentional to have the main figure in colour. I think as artists it is hard to say a piece is 'done' as we know our intentions, but often the viewer tells us, hey at this state I love it. I once sold a piece and some merch with images of it when it was in pencil pen and just some underlayment of colour on the main figure and one of two dogs in the piece. The person loved it as it was.


I totally know where you're coming from, but I am EXTREMELY finicky about my 'finished' work. To a fault actually...

Perhaps the next show could be a Mr Unpronounceable fest ;)


Hmmmmmmmmm maybe. Maybe. 😉

That is amazing! Armed with a knife and a portable nuclear reactor?!


Of course! Thanks!