Damn I love it! :D

Haha thanks! Glad you like!

This is quite strange... I'm not sure I got it. 😝

I'm confused too!

Very interesting and partly confusing but great

Quite a circle of reality... :D Great, I loved it. Now I will study it a bit more.

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LOOPY! I love it, Tim! Strange and very dream like and it really fits your style <3 Impy, what a strange journeys he has ! :D

The Impy stories are me at my most obtuse.

Wow, this is weird! :O And disturbing... XD

I think i need some LSD or Mushrooms to get this. However, in a weird way I think I get it. Do you have a published book with your work? I really would love to collect some of your style. Prints? Commissions? giphy.gif

I just got mine today. unpronounceables.jpg

Dude.... I want these!! I'm so stoked to find @timmolloy on here. Where did you get them? Does he take crypto for payment?
giphy (1).gif

Also if you like Tim you might also enjoy @arseniclullaby

And the circle closed )

I've said it before, your world is indeed strange. =)

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