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I used to do this really abstract silent comic called 'Impy'. I'm feeling like I might revisit it...
Impy is sort of a genie/trickster who lives in what I thought of as a kind of sub dimensional crawlspace in my wider 'fictional universe'.
It would be nice to just do some one pagers in a more 'toony' style that don't take me weeks to do because of hyper detail.



Really like the style and the story of this comic! Yeah you should do more and I can imagine it's nice to do less hyper detailed work as it can be really energy draining...

Always happy to see a new post from you Tim!

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I like it. Nice story, great looking characters. I'd like to see more.

Oh I definitely got an Impy haha

You should definitely continue this!

It must be possible to put details/jokes in a simple style as well. @vampiremeerkat made several drawings for me and is a able to do so. Is this made by computer?

This would be a fun theme to do for the webcomics contest if you were inspired to join.

A truly wonderfully warped universe your mind inhabits Mr. Molloy. Infinitely entertaining. =)

Weird, but cute XD... do they operate the humans like cars? so cute !

I love this idea. I am always creating characters in my head for my paintings and daily drawings. I think the idea of a less detailed non worded piece like this is brillant. You might have inspired me, but I probably don't need more things on my plate. But, I love drawing and I love this and I love these type of wordless stories. I mean this is technically why I love art in general, in galleries and muesuems its FULL of one panel wordless comics, right?!

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